Top Things To Do In Kigali Rwanda

Rwanda also known as the “Land of a thousand hills” is so famous for Gorilla trekking that most tourists to the country just bypass the capital – Kigali, and head to the outskirts of the country where they get to trek through the forest and see Gorillas and other big apes in their natural habitat.

Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali is fast becoming one of the most cosmopolitan cities in East Africa and maybe Africa as a whole.

If you peruse our blog, you will find that most of our travels have been to cities like Amsterdam or Dubai. This time we have instead compiled a list of things to do in an African city. So the next time you decide to see Rwanda’s Gorillas make sure you also take some time to explore Kigali.

Top Things to Do in Kigali Rwanda

1. Visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial

If you would like to see human behavior at its most primal and also get a lesson in forgiveness and continuity. A stop at this memorial which chronicles the events of the 1994 Rwandan genocide is well worth it.

2. Visit the Inema Arts Center

The Inema Arts Center is a great destination for anyone who loves African art. The gallery contains carefully curated works of Rwandan artists. There are currently 10 artists in residence and their artwork deserves the accolades and acclaim it receives from organizations that follow the art scene world over.

3. Get some coffee while overlooking the Kigali skyline at Inzora Café

Inzora rooftop café is a great place to relax and get a view of the Kigali skyline. Once in the building that houses the coffee shop, you will find a bookstore. Walk through the bookstore to get to the café. Once you order, ask to be led to the rooftop where you can get a proper glimpse of the entire city while sipping on your coffee.

4. Go Bowling at Mamba Café

The Mamba café has a pool table, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, and a volleyball court. It is a great place to have a beer with friends and play some sports. They also have a kitchen that serves some amazing dishes. My favorite was their fried fish and chips with an amazing side of pepper sauce.

5. Visit the kimironko Market

A great place to buy Rwandan textiles and African wares, in general, is the Kimironko market. Exploring all the stalls might take a while but it is worth the trek. Remember to put on your bargaining hat when you enter the market as the listed prices are not final.

6. Stop by Hotel des Mille Collines

If your budget allows it you can stay at the many 5-star hotels that Rwanda offers but your visit to the city would not be complete unless you stop by Hotel Des Mille Collines The hotel was built by the Belgian airline Sabena in 1973 and is also the subject of Terry George’s 2004 film Hotel Rwanda.

7. Dance the night away at People Nightclub

One thing a visitor to Kigali will find is how safe the city is. This, in turn, makes it ripe for exploration at night. While there are many bars and nightclubs spread throughout the city, I only got to visit People Nightclub. The door fee is 15,000 Rwandan Francs and once you are in, you will be welcomed by a world-class DJ and tunes to match.

8. Marvel at the Magnificent Architecture On Display At the Kigali Convention Center

The Kigali convention center was built in 2007 and is a major landmark in Kigali. The center has four major components. i. The Radisson Blu Hotel ii. The conference center itself which seats 2,600 people iii. An information technology park iv. A museum on the bottom floor of the IT office park. While the above listed is not comprehensive it should give you an idea of things you can do while in Kigali.

In 2022, we will be returning to Kigali, Rwanda with the Danieles Kubuwaje Olumofin Foundation to do some charity work in the country.

An Odyssey with Giants at Carnaval in Eindhoven

A lady in her costume from Carnaval in Eindhoven

The alarm clock I set for 7:00 am buzzed, I rolled over on the bed of my hotel room and looked at the clock.

It was 11:00 am and I knew there was no way on earth I was going to make my 11:45 am flight. I was staying at a hotel in Amsterdam and Schipol airport is about a 15 to 20-minute train ride from Amsterdam Centraal, the train station that you depart from to get to Schipol.

Feeling disappointed that I had missed my fight, I decided to head to the airport anyway to try to secure another flight back to Los Angeles.

I like to book budget airlines and spend money I would otherwise have spent on a flight on things to do in the city itself.

My flight for the trip was booked with WOW air and to my dismay on arrival at the airport, I found out they didn’t have a customer service desk.
Instead, I had to call a customer service number or go online where I had to book a one-way flight to L.A.

Unsurprisingly, my last minute one-way ticket to Los Angeles cost a lot more than my original return flight between Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

Still, in anguish from the extra unbudgeted cost of my flight back home, I wondered what to do. Amsterdam is not exactly a friendly place in January as the weather and its inhabitants are irritatingly cold so I decided instead to head to a new city I had never been in the Netherlands.

Most of my previous trips in the Netherlands were to cities in the north — mostly Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam. I went over to the train ticket counter and booked an intercity train to Eindhoven.

While on the train I booked a hotel room in the Stadhuis area of Eindhoven after referring to some blogs.

As usual, I did not really know what to expect. From what I read about Eindhoven, it was inferred as the Netherland’s most violent city by Dutch standards (which means its probably very safe at least compared to the urban jungle known as Los Angeles) and fifth in size population wise.

It also has a sizeable student population so I thought to myself. Eindhoven should produce a decent enough experience to hold me over until I catch my flight back to L.A.

On arrival in Eindhoven, I immediately noticed something bizarre about the way people were dressed. Everyone in the city, all the way from the train station were dressed in very elaborate costumes.

I wondered what in the world was going on because In the states, we have to wait till Halloween in October to don costumes en masse and since it was still early on in the year, I wondered what the Dutchmen in Eindhoven were celebrating.

On arrival at my hotel, I went to the hotel desk where the receptionist exclaimed in perfect English; You came to Eindhoven at the right time!!!!!

We are celebrating Carnaval. Perplexed, I inquired what Carnaval was and she said Carnaval was a yearly event held mostly in the southern region of the Netherlands that celebrates role reversal and the suspension of social norms.

The thought of the already festive Dutchies suspending social norms made my imagination go wild as I rushed to check in so I could join the festivities. I went to a store and bought the most outrageous outfit I could find and headed into the crowd.

It was 11 am and the streets that run through Stadhuis were jam-packed with people spilling out of every single bar on the strip. There was also a parade with floating figures sifting through the crowd as they jeered in a heightened sense of exuberance.

The music emanating from the bar ranged anywhere from Dutch folk music to hip-hop and EDM. It was a sight to behold for sure and after a couple of hours I was spent and decided to return to my hotel for a nap.

At 9 pm I woke up and looked out the window of my hotel and alas the crowds had multiplied in number. The crowd during the day seemed to be older but the crowd at night turned out to be geared towards the younger crowds probably supplied by the many universities in the area.

I headed back out again and it occurred to me that for the first time in a long time I felt like I was short. While the majority of people at the festival were under six feet tall a fair share of the crowd was freakishly tall.

To be honest, I had never seen so many tall people gathered in one place. It is not news that the Dutch are some of the tallest people in Europe and maybe the world on average, this, in itself only added to the spectacle of people in outrageous costumes sipping insane amounts of liquor and staggering around the streets.

I would spend two more days at Carnaval before heading back to Schipol to catch my flight back home and things only got crazier on Friday and Saturday. The Dutch are by far some of the most festive people I am yet to come across in western Europe and it is always a delight to be able to partake in their time-honored festivities. Till the next time…….Stay partytrailing.

Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Curacao

Traveling Curacao was quite the delight for the Partytrail as Curacao offers everything that will delight any traveler seeking some sun, relaxation and good vibes.

Curacao, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a lesser Antilles country located in the southern region of the Caribbean sea and is just 65km just north of Venezuela.

Curacao played a major role in the transatlantic slave trade and thus is culturally influenced by the Dutch and African slaves who came to work the plantations on the island at the time.

The official language of the island is Dutch and Papiemento, which is a Portuguese based language native to the Caribbean. The language is also spoken in Aruba and Bonnaire.

Fear not however, English and Spanish are also widely spoken on the island. In fact, I could easily argue that Curacao has the most number of Polyglots I have ever encountered.

Now that we have covered some of the basics about Curacao, lets get into everything you need to know about traveling Curacao.

How To Get To Curacao

Curacao international airport (IATA: CUR) is the major international airport in Curacao and is the airport most people flying into the island will most likely land.

There are taxis waiting outside the airport but my advice is that you rent a car as the taxis were especially pricey. A cab ride to our hotel cost about 35 USD.

Considering some of the beaches you will want to visit will be far away from your hotel, renting a car from one of the car rental centers at the airport will make your trip to Curacao a lot less stressful.

Some of the rental establishments on the island include: Budget car rental, Hertz and Economy car rental

Where To Stay In Curacao

New year! New Home 🏡

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Where you stay when traveling Curaçao should largely depend on what activities you want to partake in while on the island nation. We will assume you want to enjoy some sun and use most of the amazing beaches on the island.

In that case maybe staying close to one of the many beautiful beaches on the island would be a great idea.

There are several guest houses, hotels and hostels on the island where a visitor can stay so do some research based on what your activities will be and make your lodging accommodations accordingly.

Transportation On The Island Of Curacao

There were taxis and buses on the island. We patronized the taxis a couple of times but they ended being a bit too pricey so we ended up renting a kia which turned out to be a great idea.

Curacao is big enough that one would require a vehicle to get around. So renting a car is a good idea. Remember not to drink and drive as you can get into serious trouble with the local authorities if you do.

Things To Do While Traveling Curacao

People lounging on the beach while traveling Curacao
People Lounging On Jan Thiel Beach In Curacao.

Curacao has a plethora of activities that anyone visiting the island can get involved in. These include anything from water sports to relaxing under a cabana at the beach.

A really good piece of advice is that you should indulge one of the island tours in Curacao.

One such Island tour is Bounty Adventures, At the time of this writing it costs about 45 USD for adults and 35 USD for children to partake in the tour.

The tour will take you from the eastern cost of the island to the western coast and includes everything from a visit to three of the island’s beaches, a visit to Hato caves and an Ostrich Farm.

Other things to do in Curacao include partaking in water sports like Jet Skiing, Jet packing, paddle boarding and more.

The Best Beaches In Curacao

Mambo beach in Curacao is one of more popular beaches on the Island

Curacao has a lot going for it, the hospitable people, its unique topography, and amazing cuisine but in our opinion, nothing topped Curacao’s pristine beaches.

There are so many of them to choose from but we have narrowed it down to the best beaches the island country has to offer.

Mambo Beach

We found Mambo beach to be one of the busier beaches we visited while traveling Curacao. This beach has several shops, nightclubs and bars on the main strip. At the far end of the beach you will also find Curacao’s Seaquarium.

Cruise ships also use the main port in Curacao as the docking port. So don’t surprised if you find a whole bunch of patrons from the cruise ships on this beach taking a break before heading off to their next destination.

Santa Barbara Beach Resort

The Santa Barbara Beach Resort in Curacao
Santa Barbara beach resort in Curacao.

This beach is a private one and costs about 35 USD per person to gain entrance to the beach.

Santa Barbara beach with its white beaches and crystal clear waters was totally worth the cost of getting in. There is also a very nice restaurant at the resort where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner before heading out to lounge on the beach.

Jan Thiel Beach

A snapshot of Jan Thiel Beach in Curacao
A snapshot of Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel Beach is a family friendly beach with direct access to the Caribbean sea. Expect to find a stairway that leads directly into the ocean,

Playa Piskado

Playa Piskado is a Beach in Curacao
Playa Piskado is a fisherman’s beach on the northern-most tip of the island of Curacao.

Playa Piskado in Curacao is located in the northern-most tip of the island and is one of the best beaches for snorkeling or cliff diving.

There is also a restaurant on top of another cliff with a great view for you to enjoy while munching on some food and sipping on some cocktails.

Other Must Visit Beaches In Curacao

Other beaches anyone traveling to Curacao must visit include: Avila’s beach, Blue bay beach, Boka St. Michel, Caracasbaii. For more information of the best beaches to visit in Curacao please use the reference we have provided.

Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Dubai

Downtown Dubai looks like a super city. #dubai

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Dubai in the U.A.E is the largest and most populous of all the cities in the United Arab Emirates.

I had a milestone life event to celebrate and needed to make it a memorable one. I looked around several destinations, some of which I had been before and none could match up to Dubai in terms of the sophistication, glamour and the exquisite taste that has now become associated with Dubai.

A Few Things To Know About Dubai

Dubai, as mentioned earlier is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Citizens of the U.A.E and consequently, Dubai are simply referred to as Emiratis.

Dubai in recent times has become a major economic powerhouse, its economy was previously reliant on oil and gas revenues but has since diversified into other sectors such as tourism, aviation, real estate and financial services.

Dubai is mostly famous for its unbelievable feats of architecture, some of which include the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven-star hotel and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Needless to say, the administrators of Dubai have taken it upon themselves that everything will be bigger and better in Dubai.

How To Get To Dubai

There are several ways to get into the city of Dubai, however, I arrived by air, I flew in on the Emirates airline which was founded by the Ruler of the U.A.E. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Dubai international airport is the main airport that receives international visitors and is the busiest airport in the world in terms of the volume of international passengers arriving into any country.

Accommodation In Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the most spectacular hotels known to man. I got a chance to spend a night at the Burj Al Arab which I will detail in another blog post but there is a bevy of hotels to choose from.

While I did not stay at any hostels during my stay in Dubai, there are a ton of hostels a traveler on a low budget can pick from.

Let’s forget that Airbnb is also an option, that is if you prefer a homelier atmosphere.

Transportation In Dubai

Dubai has several transportation options for any traveler to choose from. Dubai has a very efficient metro system that provides access to all the locations or destinations a traveler might want to access.

There are also taxis which I found quite affordable. If you prefer to drive everywhere, car rental services are available for everything from regular sedans to luxury supercars.

In 2017, Dubai being the forward-looking city that it is started testing a drone taxi service in its effort to stay abreast of other cities as a smart city.

Food In Dubai

Considering Dubai is a global, multinational city, you can expect to find culinary delicacies from literally every part of the globe.

There are restaurants that cater to the Arab, Persian, Asian and European pallets. You will definitely not be left wanting in terms of your choice of restaurants where you can eat o dine out.

Brunch is also a big tradition in Dubai, so make sure to look up the best restaurants where you can Brunch while in Dubai.

Fashion in Dubai

There are two main modes of dress in Dubai. You either dress in Muslim attire or dress in European style clothing.

In fact, the mode of dress is a very good way of distinguishing local Emiratis from foreign expatriates who have chosen Dubai as their destination to work.

Most Muslims males in Dubai wear the Thobe, which is a long white robe accompanied by a scarf worn around the head while the women wore a burka with a hijab.

Non-Muslims, however, can wear whatever they please as long it does not violate anti-decency laws. Also, there are several world class shopping malls in Dubai, in fact, the biggest shopping mall in the world is the Dubai mall and it hosts about 1,200 different stores.

Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai is a global business hub and when work ends the expatriates who have chosen Dubai as home need a place to let loose.

Several nightclubs and bars can be found in Dubai. There are also lots of day clubs like Nikki beach where patrons go to enjoy some Sun.

Alcohol possession for Muslims in Dubai is illegal but travelers are allowed to bring in a certain amount as long as it is for personal consumption.

If you are a resident and you want to buy some alcohol, then you must apply for a license that allows you to purchase alcohol from the licensed retailers.

Some Final Travel Tips To Help You Avoid Trouble In Dubai

1. Under absolutely no circumstance should you take narcotics into Dubai. The penalties are very stiff and will definitely see you serving serious jail time. Drug possession is such a serious offense that even if you had a narcotic in your bloodstream from previous consumption before entering Dubai could still land you in a world of trouble.

Also, prescription medication must be accompanied by a Doctor’s note or else that could also land you in a lot of hot water.

2. Excessive displays of affection are seriously frowned upon. Hand-holding, kissing, and hugging can be seen as offensive.

It is best to avoid such behavior just to be on the safe side. An extreme case was a British couple caught having sex in the back of a taxi and ended up serving some jail time.

3. Crude gestures like the f**k you sign will land you in trouble. A friend of mine relayed a story where a driver frustrated he had been cut off in traffic flipped off the offending driver, only for the driver to report the incident to the police, which got the guy doing the flipping off in trouble.
4. Pre-marital sex or cohabitation is illegal in Dubai. However, it is overlooked for non-Muslims. If the female member of the cohabitating pair were to get pregnant outside of marriage, she will likely get arrested and jailed for indecency crimes. From what I gathered, most women who got pregnant by their boyfriends simply flew out of the country once they found out to prevent getting arrested.
5. Never bounce a check in Dubai. This will most likely lead to you getting arrested and jailed so before writing a check, make sure you actually have money in your account.
6. Never get in a fight with an Emirati, i.e. a native-born citizen of the U.A.E, regardless of who is the offending party, you will most likely be the one who will face the brunt of the punishment that will be meted out by the justice system.
7. You will meet a lot of Russians, who have chosen to make Dubai a second home of sorts. Also expect to run into lots of Pakistanis, Indians, and Kazakhs. Peppered in amongst these nationalities are American, British, French and Dutch expatriates.
In Conclusion
I had an amazing time in Dubai, it was the perfect place for me to celebrate my birthday. With the amazing architecture, opulence, and sophistication of the local Arabs and expatriates working in the city, I felt right at home. I intend to go back sometime soon as I feel as if, a part of me has been left behind in this magical city.

Amsterdam Dance Event – A Music Festival for DJs By DJs

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DJs have always held a special place in my consciousness, think about it, a lot of your memories are attached to a song you heard on a dance floor or over the radio. These songs are collated and put together by DJs who in recent times have become more and more influential.

What Is ADE?

The Amsterdam dance event (ADE) held every year in Amsterdam is a celebration of everything that comes together to make a DJ or music producer.

The festival, which is usually held in October, comes in two formats – Conference and Festival.

ADE Conference puts a spotlight on the business side of the DJing and music production. At conference, you get to listen to music industry professionals give you insider knowledge about everything that makes the DJ and music business tick.

All you need for a successful ADE. Earplugs and Press Pass. #journalistlife

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ADE Festival, on the other hand, features music events ranging from large festivals to boutique events at little coffee shops and bars in and Amsterdam featuring everything from talented and world famous DJs like Martin Garrix to upstart DJs that are still relatively unknown.

So why does ADE matter? Well, the Netherlands has produced some the world’s top DJs in the past couple of years. The DJMag top 100 DJs has about 6 DJs all from the Netherlands in the top 10 category with the top five spots all claimed by the Dutch with the exception of “Dimitri Vegas + Like Mike” from Belgium who were able to claim the number two spot.

If you intend to become a DJ someday or are just a rabid fan of music, especially the EDM genre then you definitely want to stop by ADE.

You get to meet some of your favorite DJs at “meet and greets” and hear all they had to do to become masters of their craft.

Attendees, depending on the tier of ticket you purchase, also get to try out some of the gear used by their favorite DJs — I am talking about state of the art equipment like CDJs and Vinyl record players.

The Parties

Get your hands up!!! #garrix

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Amsterdam is a pretty festive city. It is no coincidence that in recent times, the city has become associated with DJs and Models who trot the runway. There are literally parties hosted by homegrown DJs in every nook and corner of the city.

These parties will keep you occupied into the early hours of the morning.
At ADE in 2017, a staggering 2,502 artists performed for over 395,000 visitors over the course of the event.

In Conclusion

DJs whether you know it or not hold unique power over our consciousness. They control the pace of music you hear over the radio, in Nightclubs, at your favorite bar or office event.

There is nothing more refreshing that there is a festival celebrating the uniqueness of these priests of music. For once, it’s about them and not us. Until the next time, keep living life to the fullest.

A Day At The 2017 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

A day at the Pacific Palisades with Vevue Cliquot. #losangeles

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Polo has always been a game that fascinated me, often associated with the wealthy, the sport has always been a way for anyone of means to indulge their competitive spirit, display their horse riding skills and enjoy a day in the sun socializing with like-minded equinophiles.

When I found out the French Champagne company Veuve Clicquot had their very own classic hosted at the Will Rogers state park at the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, The Partytrail decided to purchase a ticket and head their way.

The Veuve Cliquot classic is actually hosted in a couple of locations around the world so if you are not based on the west coast have no fear as there is probably one hosted in a city close to you.

The event in Los Angeles takes place annually in October and the event I attended was the tenth showing Veuve Cliquot was putting on.

The Polo Classic is organized by Nacho Figueras, an Argentine polo player who is currently ranked as one of the top 100 polo players in the world. His spouse is Delfina Blaquier who is an avid player herself.

What Happens at The Event?

The VC Classic in Los Angeles is a four-tiered event, and people are seated according to their ticket costs. The event has a celebrity garden, the Rosé Garden, The Fast track lane and general admission.

The Celebrity Garden

You guessed it! This is where all the celebrities that attend the event get to mingle and enjoy the polo match while sipping on the now ubiquitous champagne brand Veuve Clicquot. Some of the celebs in attendance at the 2017 event included Jamie Foxx, Wilmer Valderrama, and James Marsden.

The Rosé Garden

The Rosé Garden is the top-most tier for regular attendees and costs about 400 USD, for the aforementioned amount, you get a bottle of Rosé Champagne and a food basket. You also get access to the gorgeously decorated Rosé Garden from which you can pick any of the opulently decorated beds or chairs to sit on while enjoying the game.

The Fast Track Lane

At a cost of 175 USD, you get to skip the general admission queue which can be rather tedious due to how packed the event gets.

Attendees who use the fast track lane end up watching the games with the general admission attendees but get to access the state park faster and probably get to set up their picnic blankets closer to where the match will be played.

There are tons of games and socializing over champagne when you choose the fast track option. However, you will have to purchase your own bottle or glass of champagne at the bar and food at one of the food trucks that have been made available at the event.

The General Admission Ticket

This is the last tier of tickets available for the event. It costs about $40 and is a good option if you don’t mind waiting in queues. As stated in the fast track option, you will have to buy your own alcohol and food if you choose this option.

What Should One bring To The Event

As per the instructions of the event, attendees are allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverage. I found this to be very useful as the food served did not satisfy my appetite. A picnic blanket and an umbrella should also help.

Oh and don’t forget an umbrella and sunscreen. If you forget an umbrella, there were some Veuve Clicquot umbrellas and picnic blankets for sale at the event.

Dressing Up

Polo matches are usually associated with class and sophistication so dressing to impress is usually a good idea. Men were encouraged to wear suits while women sported big hats and afternoon dresses. However, it is recommended to that ladies not wear heels if they plan on taking part in the Divot Stomp.

The Game

Once the national anthem was sung, both teams went at it. A polo game is divided into 6 Chukkers, each chukker takes about 7 minutes and 30 seconds to complete. At the end of the first three chuckers, Nachos Figueras was ahead in points and attendees at the event were invited onto the field to take part in the Divot stomp which is a tradition in Polo where spectators are invited to socialize and replace the divots that are torn up by the horses’ hooves during play. It was a great way for attendees to socialize and meet people during the event.

At the end of the remaining three chukkers, Nachos’ team had won and he hoisted up his team’s trophy and celebrated his win. Some people stayed behind to continue drinking and socializing while others hopped on the buses that ferried them from the Pacific Palisades high school to the state park and went home.

In Conclusion

Polo is a game that originated in ancient Persia and was modernized by British officers. The Veuve Clicquot event, however, adds all the pomp and glamor associated with their brand to bring about an event that everyone can enjoy. I can’t wait to attend the event again in 2018. Till then keep partytrailing.

The Ultimate Guide To Having A Great Night Out In Los Angeles

Ultimate guide to nightlife in Los Angeles
Going out in L.A. can be daunting for new comers to the city.

Trying to make sense of the nightlife in Los Angeles can be like solving a crazy puzzle. If you don’t have the proper pieces in place you might very well find that L.A.’s nightlife is one that you might never solve.

The city is huge and likely the most spread out in America. Los Angeles reminds me a lot of Jakarta in that it is a combination of several mini cities.

To fully maximize the potential of the nightlife in Los Angeles, there are a couple of things you must do and The Partytrail has been so generous to let you in on some tips that will make every night you go out in L.A. one to remember.

1. Pre-Game

Alcohol is very expensive in Los Angeles, so the trick is for you to pre-game at your house before heading out for the night. I would also advise you have your very own flask that you take into the club with you.

The best thing you can do is to buy one of those phones that double as a flask and pour your own alcohol into it. Simply ask for a cup of water or soda at the bar, pour out the water or simply add your alcohol to the soda and voila you have your very own cocktail without having to pay club price.

Caution: Make sure you watch out for burly bouncers as you are sure to get thrown out of the club or even blacklisted if you are caught bringing alcohol into a club in L.A.

2. Get An Airbnb or Hotel Close To Where you are going out

Getting A Hotel Close To Where You Intend To Go Out Can Be A Life Saver.

One of the biggest downsides to going out in L.A. is the distance between where you might be planning on going out and where you reside. Drinking and driving in Los Angeles carries a massive fine that can go as high as $10,000 and sometimes a mandatory court appearance and even jail time.

It just isn’t worth it to be inebriated and driving at the same time. Besides you are a danger to the public if you are drunk and behind the wheel.

3. Nightlife Connections

Los Angeles is a very snobby city, if you don’t know a promoter or aren’t on a guest list it can be difficult to get into L.A. clubs.

The trick is to do your research before going out. Go to the facebook page of whatever clubs you want to go out to and see if you can get on the guest list before heading out. Check on their social media to see if they are accepting people on their guest list.

If they are accepting people, make sure you get on it. If you reside in L.A. make sure you ask for the promoter at the club you go to and get to know them on a one on one basis.

That could help you get past L.A.’s notorious unnecessary lines that are used as a tool by clubs to keep up appearances.

Also if you are in an area that has a hotel, make sure you check out the bars and lobbys’ of those hotels as backup in case you get rejected from the main clubs. They always have mini parties during the weekends.

4. Afterparty

Los Angeles is the land of after-parties because most bars and clubs close at 2 a.m., people usually shift the partying to residential locations in case they want to keep the night going. This is when your hotel room or Airbnb can come in really handy.

Get a few friends you have made during the night and bounce back to your hotel or Airbnb and continue your night there. Make sure you stock up on alcohol. It will come in handy trust me.

In Conclusion

Nightlife in Los Angeles can tricky and frustrating to newly minted Angelenos.
However, if you are patient enough to get to know how the city ticks, you will find that it’s nightlife rivals that of any of the worlds other mega-cities.

Before I leave, I think it’s a good idea I write some of the best neighborhoods with the best nightlife in Los Angeles.


Lots of bars, speakeasys, and Korean Barbecue. The best part of the city to pre-game or start the night.

Downtown Los Angeles

Home to up and coming clubs and more established venues like ExchangeLA.

West Hollywood

Very gay-friendly, which means the parties here can be off the hook.


This part of town has some the best nightclubs in L.A. it can be hard to get into the clubs here if you don’t know anyone. Do your research before heading out here.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is home to a lot of rich older people so there are not too many clubs here that are all night wagers.

What you will find in Beverly Hills most times are bars and restaurants that cater to an older, snobbish clientele.


Home of the hipster crowd. Most of the clubs here aren’t interested in face control. As long as you can pay to get in. They will let you in.


Mostly UCLA students go out here. Other than a few bars, there is not much to do in this part of town in terms of nightlife.

Sunset Blvd

Home to rooftop bars like Skybar at the Mondrian. Hard to get into some bars here but you can also go to hotel bars on the strip as a fallback option.

Santa Monica/Venice

Lots of beautiful people here. Home to my personal favorite bar “Ocean 41” and the restaurant at the Huntley hotel.

Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach/Hermosa Beach

The style here is pretty laid back and people can even get into the bars in flip-flops. You will not find any major L.A. nightclubs here but there are tons of bars where you can pop in for a couple of drinks.

The Pros And Cons Of Solo Travel

Pros and Cons of Solo Travel
Traveling Solo Can Be Rewarding But It Can Be An Equally Taxing Endeavor.

Traveling is seriously one of my most treasured activities. I love it so much that I have spent a good amount of money on travel. It has also helped me realize that my favorite part of my beloved adopted city of Los Angeles is the airport.

Most of my travels, however, have been done unaccompanied and after traveling to about 40 countries I have come to realize that going at it alone has some pros and cons.

Without further ado, I have listed some pros and cons I have come to realize about solo travel after traveling to 40 countries.

Pros Of Traveling Solo

1. You get to do whatever you want without compromise.

One of my favorite things about solo travel is that you don’t have to negotiate or compromise doing anything you don’t want to do.

Do you want to start your day late? Fine! Do you want to go to this museum? Just walk right in. When traveling solo, you don’t have to bicker and argue with anyone else about what you want to do or where you intend to go for the day. You essentially set your own schedule and do what you want.

2. There is ample time for self-reflection.

As a result of all the free time you have to yourself, you get to reflect on your life’s purpose and really dig deep into whatever issues bother you.

There is no one to bother you or interrupt your day because you are traveling solo. I personally use my time traveling solo to find quiet spots in whatever city I am traveling and meditate or contemplate my existence.

3. It is easier to meet people as a solo traveler

My motto when I travel solo is “Extrovert or die of loneliness”. When you are traveling alone, you are motivated by the fear of loneliness to put yourself out there and meet other people.

It is either that or a significant period where you would be completely alone. When traveling solo and I begin to feel “loneliness creep”, I feel even more motivated to step out of my comfort zone and start a conversation with someone that I maybe previously wouldn’t have started if I was with a group.

4. You get to set your own budget for your trip

There is no pressure to over or under spend because you are trying to match the budget of a group or traveling companion. You spend whatever you feel comfortable with and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Traveling with a rich friend could leave you feeling jealous of all the extra stuff they can afford while traveling with a poorer friend could make you feel guilty that you keep on buying stuff they cannot afford. Traveling solo eliminates all of these feelings.

Cons Of Traveling Solo

1. Loneliness

If you are not used to being alone then you are in for a real shocker, traveling solo especially to a new environment where you don’t know anyone can be really trying because you spend a lot of time by yourself.

If you are a gregarious person who is used to being by surrounded by people, it can be really trying because the new people you are trying to connect with might reject you and not want to make friends with you.

This happened to me when I visited Lithuania. The locals had an aversion for foreigners because of a history of being invaded by other nationalities so I spent almost two weeks in the country completely by myself. It was agonizing, to say the least.

2. You have to deal with emergencies alone

In the event that you encounter a negative event, you might find yourself incapable of properly dealing with the situation especially if, for some reason, you become incapacitated. This happened to me in Malaysia, where I was on assignment as an expatriate. A horrendous blow to the back of my head by an assailant left me unconscious.

Had it not been for the help of a good Samaritan, goodness knows what would have become of me. If I was with a group, they would have definitely come to my rescue and help fight off the assailants.

3. No One To Share Moments With.

When traveling with a group, you can have reunions based on a travel experience you had together. I will be having a yacht week Croatia reunion with a couple of yacht week alumni sometime in November.

When you travel solo the unique moments that define your trip are not shared with anyone. While they still make up a significant part of your memory bank, they only way you can share it with friends is through story-telling.

4. No One To Take Your Picture

You find that perfect pose and perfect location, unfortunately, there is no one there with you to take your picture. If the locals are rude or unfriendly, you might find it difficult to convince anyone to give up their time to take your picture.

Even worse, nefarious locals could very well pilfer your camera and lead you to a pursuit on foot.

In Conclusion

Traveling is one of the most enriching endeavors one could ever embark on. How you decide to embark on those travels is totally up to you as an individual.

I personally find solo travel a lot more rewarding than group travel. However, I would be lying if I said there haven’t been times when I wished there was a buddy or two to have my back once things turned sour for me while on the road.


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Top Things To Do In Almaty Kazakhstan

I went to Almaty during a three-country tour of Asia, other countries I visited included Japan and South Korea, countries I wrote about in great detail.

My last stop of the tour was Kazakhstan and I was very excited to finally kick open the doors of this mysterious country in central Asia.

Almaty was founded in 1854 and used to be the capital of Kazakhstan. The capital has since been relocated to Astana, a city the Partytrail did not get to visit.

Almaty just like other Soviet states I had visited in the past had the trail marks of communism and Russo-culturalism embedded in it but for the most part, the Kazakhs have been able to integrate Russian culture and Kazakh culture with great synergy.

To get into the city, I flew into Almaty International airport and was able to access the country with relative ease. If you have an American passport, you are guaranteed entry visa-free for a period of about 30 days.

I spent a period of about two weeks in Almaty, which was quite fun, the people, the food, the language and the culture left me quite bewildered but it was surely worth the experience.
Without further ado, let’s explore the top things a traveler can do in Almaty Kazakhstan.

1. Try some of the cuisines Almaty has to offer.

Almaty or Kazakhstan in general had some of the most interesting cuisines I ever came across, horse meat was considered a delicacy because as a local told me, it’s a very clean and noble animal to eat.

It is eaten in the form of Kazy, which is traditional horse meat Kazy. Shubat is fermented camel milk and tasted a lot more delicious than I expected. Other delicacies you shouldn’t miss out on include: Sorpa, Kuyrdak, Baursaks, and Kumys.

2. Travel the City on Almaty’s Subway System

Still in its infancy, the Almaty subway system was one of the most beautiful I had ever been to. Construction of the subway began in September of 1988 and as of April 2015, the metro serves nine stations.

While I found it easy to get around Almaty without any need for the metro, the marble interior and rich finish make one of the more interesting feats of architecture I am yet to come across.

3. Go Shopping at The Esentai Mall

Gucci at Esentai Mall in Almaty Kazakhstan. #almaty

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Almaty has several shopping malls like the Almay shopping center, Dostyk Plaza, and MEGA but not of these come close to the glamor associated with Esentai mall in Almaty.

This mall has several floors of shops stocked with some of the best fashion brands on the planet. Some of the fashion brands you will find here include Gucci, Fendi and the like.

You will also find novelty shops and a food court at the top most floor of the mall.

4. Visit Kok Tobe

I ❤️ Kok Tobe. #almaty

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Kok Tobe (stands for Green Hill in Kazakh) in Almaty is a mountain, which is the highest point in the city. To get to the mountain top, you simply ride up with a cable car.

At the top of the mountain, you will find a monument to the Beatles, an amusement park, a view of the Almaty tower and a couple of full-service restaurants.

The closest landmark of note to the cable cars that take you to Kok Tobe is the Kazakhstan hotel.

5. Take a trip to Republic Square.

Independence square in Алматы

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Located on Satpayev street, between Zheltoksan and Furmanov streets, the Republic square is the main square in the city. The square is a great place to relax and learn more about Almaty’s culture.

Republic square is also home to Independence monument, crowned by the Golden warrior on a winged snow leopard. There are also fountains and dome shaped structures that honestly left me a bit bewildered.

6. Pay tribute at the 28 Panfilov Memorial Park

Memorial to the 28 soldiers who fell defending Almaty from enemy units during WW2

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The park is named after 28 warriors of the Guards Panfilov division. During World War II or the great patriotic war as it is called in Russo influenced countries, these soldiers put a stop to the advance of Axis forces and unfortunately almost all of the soldiers being honored by the monument died.

In honor of their valor and heroism, an eternal flame burns a few feet away from the statue of the 28 warriors.

7. Say A Prayer Or Two At The Holy Ascencion Cathedral

The Holy Ascenscion Cathedral was engineered by A.P. Zenkov and is a completely wooden construction.

It actually survived an earthquake in 1910 that destroyed most of the city, as legend has it, the Holy Ascencion Cathedral was one of the few structures in the city that did not fall as a result of the earth quake.

8. Shop At The Green Bazaar

The Green Bazaar located down the street from the park of the 28 Panfilov guardsmen has been in operation for about 140 years.

At the market, you can find everything from fresh vegetables to exotic items like fresh caviar from the Caspian sea to honey from Uzbekistan.

9. Take A Ski Trip To Medeo

Medeo was the venue of the winter Universiade 2017. Students from all the world came to participate in this event, but at other times, the facility is open to ski enthusiasts.

It was built in 1972 and covers an area of about 10,500 square kilometers. It is a 20 to 25 minute trip from downtown Almaty.

10. Partake In Almaty’s Nightlife

One thing Alamty undeniably has going for it is the bevy of nightlife and restaurant options scattered throughout the city.

I personally only visited one of the clubs in Almaty i.e. “China Gold” but from what I gathered from the locals there is never a weekend in Almaty that is not filled with tons of things to do.

Other Things To Do In Almaty

Other things to do in Almaty include visiting the city’s many museums, watching plays at Almaty’s theatres, visiting Big Almaty lake, and much more.

In conclusion, I found Almaty to be a pretty interesting city. Things like the fact that prostitution is legal threw me off a bit, but if I were, to be honest, there isn’t much more to do in Almaty than your average city.

In my opinion, while I had fun in the city, two weeks was a little long of a time to spend traveling here. One could easily see everything in Almaty in a couple of days to a week of intense exploration.

KCon L.A. 2017 – Korean Culture Takes L.A. By Storm

Earlier on this year, I took a trip to South Korea for the first time and reported my findings in an article titled “Everything you need to know about traveling to South Korea”. In it, I detailed how and why I became fascinated with Korean culture.

KCon Los Angeles
KCon 2017 was held at the convention center downtown Los Angeles California

So, it was no surprise that upon hearing KCon, a convention that highlights the very best of South Korean culture was coming to L.A., I immediately jumped at the chance to attend the event.

KCon Los Angeles was held at the convention center between the 18th and 20th of August 2017 and it was truly a celebration of all things that make South Korea the cultural and commercial behemoth that it has become.

Everything from K-Pop, K-Hip hop, Korean fashion brands, Korean beauty products and Korean stars were proudly on display. There were seminars one could enroll in too, seminars that taught attendees how to apply Korean beauty products, other seminars focused on teaching attendees how to dance like K-Pop stars or how to dress like one.

In all, KCon Los Angeles is the place to be if you are a fan of Korean culture and you are in Los Angeles when the convention comes into town.
Without further ado, I will highlight the best things to do when attending KCon Los Angeles.

1. Attend A Seminar

A KCon Los Angeles Seminar
A Seminar Taking Place During KCon Los Angeles

The best way to catch all the seminars and classes being offered is to either download the KCon app on iOS or Android, an alternative is to get your hands on the event brochure that details all the classes you need to attend at the convention.

As mentioned earlier, some of the classes I attended include: How to be a Youtube star, How to Apply Korean beauty products, how to dance like a K-Pop star and so on. The classes, in my opinion, offered a ton of invaluable information about Korean culture.

2. Stop By The Beauty Block

The beauty block is an open floor area at the convention that has some of the largest assortments of Korean beauty products for sale. The interesting thing was that not only were beauty products up for sale, there were several free giveaways too.

All you had to do was follow the beauty brand on Instagram or upload a picture of yourself with their product with a hashtag on Instagram. In all, going to KCon is a waste if you don’t stop by the beauty block.

3. Hang Out At The Flower Boy Café

The Flower Boys At KCon Los Angeles
The Flower Boys At KCon About To Attend To Their Guests.

In America, we have Hooters, in Korea, they have the Flower boy café, where perfectly groomed waiters take your orders for coffee and serve them while indulging their customers in conversation.

The Flower boy café was on the same floor as the beauty block so you could as well kill two birds with one stone by stopping at both.

4. Attend An Impromptu Concert

Concert at KCon Los Angeles
An Impromptu Concert At KCon Los Angeles

Before I get to talking about the mega concert that was part of the KCon weekend, some useful piece of information is that there were several performances at KCon by up and coming artists.

It was an opportunity for amateur and semi-professional artists to put their talents on full display. My advice is to seek these artists and their performance times out. You never know what mega star in the making you get to see perform up close and personal.

5. Dance your socks off at the Klub KCon

If you have successfully completed the above-listed activities, a great way to end your night is go dancing at Klub KCon.

With a DJ set up to play music from your favorite KCon artists, you will find a dance floor of like-minded attendees dancing the night away. Beware though, because Klub KCon had a much younger crowd, alcohol was not served.

6. Attend the M Countdown Concert

K-Pop performers at KCon Los Angeles
Some K-Pop Performers at the M Concert at the K-Convention in Los Angeles

The M Countdown concert was the highlight of the evening as far as I am concerned. With an array of some of the best stars the K-Pop genre had to offer, it was a night for the ages. The night was electric with the screams of fans sometimes drowning out the booming speakers of the musical acts performing. The concert started at 7:30 pm and ran all the way till 10:00 pm. Some of the musical acts in attendance include Seventeen, Vixx, Cosmic girls SF9 and more.

7. Eat Some Korean Street Food

Food trucks at KCon LA
Street food trucks selling everything from Korean Barbecue to Kimchi was present at KCon LA

There were street food trucks at KCon selling some of the best Korean delicacies anyone familiar with South Korean dishes would have loved to indulge in. Some of the street stands sold everything from Kimchi fried rice to Korean barbecue. A useful tip I wish I was aware of was the fact that you needed cash to buy from the trucks. Most of them simply weren’t equipped with credit card machines.

8. Participate In A Dance Off

A K-Pop Fan Participating in A Dance-off
A K-Pop fan participating in a dance off.

One of the great things at KCon was how integral the fan base was to the events at the convention. If you were to ever attend, one of the many things you could do at the convention is participating in a dance off. There were several of these hosted on at the convention and it was a good way for fans to show off their dancing skills.

In Conclusion

Nothing can replace a trip to my beloved city of Seoul in South Korea as my piece on the city eloquently illustrates, however, if you are in Los Angeles or any of the other cities KCon will be stopping in and you want a taste of K-culture, KCon is the closest you will get to that feeling.