Image of Nightlife in Denver, taken while traveling through Colorado

At The Partytrail, we are used to getting travel jitters from time to time.

However, on this particular Friday, the jitters went into full swing and our wanderlust took a strong hold over us.

We decided it was time to party trail a new city. Denver, Colorado had always fascinated us because for a country as conservative as the United States of America (U.S.A), there was a state that had finally legalized Marijuana.

Now, we are not an avid users of pot but the thought of Americans not having to fly across the Atlantic to the Netherlands for some herbs seemed like a step in the right direction for the country.

The argument that a society that allows any legal consumption of drugs will descend into total damnation and utter chaos has been put to the test in lots of places and our guess is that those places are doing just fine.

In our opinion, America gets a place where it can put that theory to the test and who knows if it works out in Colorado, maybe the rest of the country can follow suit.

For now though, as far as we could see, Denver was yet to descend into utter chaos and everything for all intents and purposes seemed perfectly fine.

In fact, when we asked a local who described herself as a fourth generation Coloradian, she said Denver was going through a “renaissance of sorts” fueled by the Marijuana economy.

Picture of "Only in Colorado" sign taken while traveling through Colorado

As much as we would like to go on about how potent and awesome the weed in Denver was, since we are not smokers, we can’t help in that department.

What we will tell you though is that Denver is quite the city, boasting an employment rate of almost 96 %, Denver has it’s sh*t together. We got to party at some clubs and walked around the 16th street mall, downtown Denver.

We also got invited into an “Oktoberfest” type event, where Gluhwein and great German beers were being served.

Travel picture of Oktoberfest taken while traveling through Colorado

For a minute, the Oktoberfest type event made it feel like we were back in the Czech republic or Germany and it reminded us once again that the United States gets a lot of it’s identity from an amalgam of cultures. When we got back into the trail-mobile (our truck) and departed Denver, Our thoughts were; “if only we had more time”, but we sure did make do with the little time that we had. One day and two nights, in Denver, if used judiciously can bring about a great time and some solid memories.

We have taken the liberty of providing a photo essay of some sights in Denver below.

Picture of a metro stop taken while traveling through Denver, Colorado
The metro system in Denver
Picture of a legal weed store taken while traveling through Colorado
Picture of a legal weed store
One of the stores in the Christmas Market
A German stall selling Gluwhein
The city provides free rides to the Mall.
Pics of downtown Denver taken while traveling through Colorado
The 16th Street Mall Downtown


Most of Denver’s nightlife is located in the South of Colfax nightlife district. We were able to visit Vinyl nightclub and Beta nightclub. Of the two, Beta nightclub “has some of the best acoustics in the city” according to our cab driver.

Pic of Vinyl Nightclub taken while traveling through Denver
Outside Vinyl Nightclub in the South of Colfax District
Pic of the Bar at Vinyl nightclub
Bar on the lower floor of Vinyl
Pic of Vinyl Club Dancer taken while traveling through Denver
One of the dancers at Vinyl Nightclub
 pic of Vinyl Night Club taken while traveling through Denver
One of the patrons break dancing
 picture of the crowd at Vinyl Nightclub taken while traveling through Denver
The crowd getting into the thick of things.
In Conclusion

Denver is a great city to go relax and have a good time. The people seemed really friendly and welcoming. The nightlife was a lot more laid back compared to some other cities we had been to. However, it doesn’t mean people here don’t know how to throw down. If you are into the Marijuana scene, as we mentioned earlier, it is legal as long as you are the age of 18 years and older. We would advise anyone who is looking for a good time to head to this city. It will be well worth the visit.

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