Cheerleaders At A Tailgate Party

The Ultimate Tailgate Party Guide

It’s College football season again over here in North America and while most of the action takes place in the arena, where opposing gladiators jostle to become their divisions’ “overlords”, another kind of jostle takes place outside the arena, one that is as important as the game itself — the tailgate party.

To aid any plans you might have for throwing a tailgate party this season, we have compiled a list of 10 fun things every football fan can do to make their tailgate party one to remember.

1.Set Up Drinking Games For Your Tailgate Party

Drinking Games At A Tailgate Party
Tailgaters Playing Ping Pong At A Tailgate Party

Nothing revs up one’s competitive spirit like a pre-game competition during a tailgate party. Get some of your friends together and set up a table for beer pong, flip cup, corn hole or some NFL trivia.

That should be a great way to get everyone at your tailgate party involved and ready to go.

2. Grill and Eat Some Barbecued Food

Grilling Barbecue At A Tailgate Party
Grilled Barbecue Is A Rite Of Passage At A Tailgate Party

A tailgate party is not complete without some grilled food. Before the game starts make sure you gather as many recipes as you can find, get some meat, a grill, an apron if you need one and set the grill alight.

3.Drink From Your Selection Of Beers

Chilled beer for a tailgate party
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One great thing about a tailgate party is the ridiculous amount of alcoholic beverages available. For extra points store your beverages in one of those coolers that also moonshine as speakers.

To make some new friends make sure you share some of your alcohol and don’t forget to make them cold. Hot alcohol will certainly not make you any new friends.

Note: The Partytrail does not condone any underage drinking or driving under the influence.

4.Network With Other Tailgaters

meet other people at your tailgate party
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A great place to meet new people is definitely at a tailgate party, make sure you network as much as possible during your tailgate since school or team spirit will probably be at a fever-pitch.

5. Indulge In Some Body Paint

Body paint at a tailgate party

There is no better way to show team spirit than to go all-out with some body paint. Set up a booth at your tent where you can paint team logos or colors on your friends or any other willing participants.

6.Tease Or Jeer At Fans From Opposing Teams

jeering at opposing fans from a tailgate party
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A tailgate party is supposed to be a runner up to the main event, the football game i.e. and while we do not encourage any unruly or violent behavior, it doesn’t hurt to psyche out the opposing teams fans before the games begin.

7.Get Decked Out In Team Accessories

wear team gear to your tailgate party
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Show some team spirit by turning up to your tailgate party in the wackiest ensemble of team regalia you can find. You will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd and make your tailgate party even more fun.

8.Fund Raise At Your Tailgate Party

raise funds at your tailgate party
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Believe it or not, a great place to fund raise is at your tailgate party. Do you have a cause you care about?

A tailgate party is the best place to put your best foot forward and get information about your cause out, it only makes things better that you can collect proceeds while supporting your cause.

9.Get Some Of Your Own Cheerleaders To Your Tailgate Party

get your own cheerleaders for your tailgate party
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Apart from the main sporting event, cheerleaders offer some much needed side attractions when a team is in recess.

A great way to stand out at your tailgate party is to have some of your female or male friends dress up as cheerleaders for your tailgate booth.

10.Host An Afterparty After Your Tailgate Party.

Host An Afterparty after your tailgate party
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Nothing closes up a great party like an after party. Win or lose, a great way to soothe your pain or revel in your teams victory is to head home and keep the partying going.

That’s all folks

A tailgate party is an amazing way to jumpstart your way into a football game. Remember to have fun, drink responsibly and have an awesome football season.

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