10 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

10 Halloween costumes you should wear this season

It’s Halloween season again, and if you have taken any notice, people are beginning to carve their pumpkins, spook up their houses and do anything else they can think of, in preparation for another hopefully awesome Halloween event come October 31.

The only question is what Halloween costume will you be wearing this season? Well, the partytrail is here to the rescue. We have compiled a list of Halloween costume ideas that will make you stand out at whatever event you decide to spend Halloween this year.

1. Zombie Halloween Costumes

zombie costume for halloween
image: www.tupperlakeny.gov

Nothing embodies the spirit of Halloween more than dressing up as a Zombie or a Vampire. A certain aspect of Halloween is supposed to depict gore and the macabre, so dressing up, as a zombie would definitely capture the spirit of the season.

As an added bonus, since zombies are supposed to be gross and decaying, putting together a costume should require little cost or effort.

2. Halloween Costumes Of 80’s Icons

80's Icons like Mr T. make great halloween costume image:www.markcoulstring.com
80’s Icons like Mr T. make great halloween costumes image:www.markcoulstring.com

The 1980’s, if you were not old enough to be a functioning human during this period was a time of outlandish and weird hairstyles, short shorts, and oddball fashion. If your parents kept some of their 80’s gear then you will have no problem assembling a costume, because the entire decade was just one giant costume party.

3. Halloween Costumes Of Societal Heroes

image: jenandmen.com
image: jenandmen.com

We are talking policemen, teachers, firemen, doctors and nurses. Forgive us if we left your noble profession out. The fore-mentioned seldom get their due in today’s society; why not give them a personal shout out by dressing up as one of these heroes. Do add a tinge of sexiness to your costume for extra points.

4. Comic Character Costumes

image: blastr.com
image: blastr.com

If you decide you don’t want to be a real hero, then why not settle for being a fictional hero or villain. With every comic book hero/villain and their mother gracing the silver screen these days, you should have no problem selecting from the endless array of super heroes or villains out there.

5. Pirate Costumes

pirate halloween costume

Why not venture into some terrified waters this Halloween season, gear up and don a pirate costume. There has always had a deep fascination of pirates in popular culture, from Captain Hook in Peter Pan to Jack Sparrow in “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. You can do no wrong by dressing up as a pirate this season.

6. Vintage Halloween costumes

A Flapper Girl Costume From The 1920'simage:aliexpress.com
A Flapper Girl Costume From The 1920’simage: aliexpress.com

If you are a classy guy or girl, or simply an old soul, then the 1920’s flapper Halloween costume idea should be perfect for you. If you also like to blend themes, how about you try a vintage Halloween costume with some zombie or vampire make up for a truly amazing and memorable costume.

7. Pop Culture Icons

image: mjjcommunity.com
image: mjjcommunity.com

Celebrities, you may have heard of one or two, whatever your taste is, we won’t judge you, how about a good ol’ shout out to your favorite celebrity, this Halloween season. To stand out a zombied up celebrity will earn extra points amongst fellow revelers.

8. Sports Halloween costumes

image: lakerudolph.com
image: lakerudolph.com

If we haven’t convinced you yet with our previous options, you can dress up as your favorite sports man, or cheerleader. This genre of Halloween costume is also a great candidate for a blend with the vampire or zombie Halloween theme.

9. Fairy Tale Halloween costumes

fairy tale halloween costume
image: flickriver.com

If you remotely had any form of a childhood, these characters should be very well familiar to you. You can have your pick of the prince who brought snow white back to life or dress up as Cinderella , the characters in Beauty and The Beast. Again the options are almost infinite.

10. Vampire Halloween Costumes

Eddie Murphy In Vampire In Brooklyn. Gif:4umag.com
Eddie Murphy In Vampire In Brooklyn. Gif: 4umag.com

We saved the best for last, buy some fangs, a vial of red ink and some white facial mask, throw on an elegant outfit (cause those vampires dress smart) and you just turned yourself into one of the most prominent antagonists of pop culture.

Nothing describes gore, feverish passion, rage and the macabre like a vampire. Dressing up as one for Halloween this season if done well should definitely win you some prizes for best costume at whatever Halloween party you decide to attend this season.

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