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Germany is one of the more interesting countries I visited during our last tour of Europe. Once synonymous with its quest for global domination, war, and ultimately defeat, Germany has rebranded itself as a peaceful nation with the largest economy in Europe and forward-thinking policies that leave other nations envious.

During my visit to Germany I got to visit cities like Cologne (or Köln as the locals call it), Hamburg, and Hanover and after meeting several people who have visited other cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, without the intent of taking away the awesomeness of Germany’s other cities we have decided to compile a list of 10 reasons why Cologne is the Partytrail’s favorite city.

1. It is home to Germany’s most visited Landmark.

The Cologne Cathedral Is Germany's Largest Tourist Attraction
The Cologne Cathedral Is Germany’s Largest Tourist Attraction

The Cologne Cathedral is one of the most incredible feats of architecture we have ever seen. It is the largest Gothic Church in Northern Europe and was built in the 11th century. It is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is definitely a must-see for anyone who ventures into this amazing city.

2. Cologne is a waterfront City

The River Rhine Runs Through The City
The River Rhine Runs Through The City

Cologne is located on both sides of the Rhine River, which makes it perfect for river cruises, river dinning, and walks or cycling along the river. The fact that the city is built on both sides of the Rhine also makes adds to the aesthetic appeal of the city.

3. Cologne is one of Germany’s major cultural powerhouses

An ancient statue At The Roman-Germanic Museum In Cologne
An ancient statue At The Roman-Germanic Museum In Cologne

Cologne stands apart from Germany’s other cities for it’s amazing culture. It is home to several museums with the most famous being the Romanic-Germanic Museum. Cologne is also home to several multimedia companies and has a quite ethnically diverse community of expatriates students and locals from the world over.

4. Cologne is host to one of the largest street festivals in Europe

The Cologne carnival is the largest street carnival in Europe.
The Cologne carnival is the largest street carnival in Europe.

We are sure most of you have heard about Oktoberfest in Munich, while that is an amazing festival in itself, Cologne’s carnival starts in the 11 month of the year at the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day and the festivities don’t end till ash Wednesday of the next year. If that is not one hell of a party then we don’t know what it.

5. Let us not forget Cologne’s great nightlife

A nightout in Nachtflug, one of Cologne's premier nightclubs
A nightout in Nachtflug, one of Cologne’s premier nightclubs

Cologne has the most pubs per capita in Germany, and we got a taste of some of Cologne’s amazing nightlife. With clubs like Nachtflug in the center of the city playing some of the latest dance tunes anyone who is into nightlife will not leave Cologne disappointed.

6. Pastry shops Everywhere

Cologne has amazing pastry shop everywhere.
Cologne has amazing pastry shops everywhere.

While Germany is known for its Wurst’s, we found Cologne to be awash with pastry shops at every turn we took and the fact that they were in abundance did not take away from how mind-bogglingly delicious they were. If you ever visit Cologne please take it easy on the pastries, over-indulgence could quickly see you spending your holiday funds on Pastries and not sight-seeing.

7. Cologne Is A Romantic City

Couples lock away their hearts forever on this bridge in Cologne.
“Couples” Lock Away Their Hearts Forever On This Bridge In Cologne.

When we think of Romance in Europe, the mind quickly wanders to Paris but we found Cologne to be a Romantic city, with love locks sprawling across the bridge that takes you over the river Rhine coupled with river Rhine itself and river cruises.

The next time you are in Europe and you want to impress your significant other; a stop over in Cologne might not be a bad idea.

8. Cologne’s Signature Beer is Awesome

The Kölsch is Cologne's signature beer.
The Kölsch is Cologne’s Signature Beer.

Germany has some amazing Beer and the Oktoberfest in Munich gallantly puts that on display every year however if you are looking for a homegrown awesome tasting beer you should try Cologne’s very own “Kölsch” a top-fermented beer that has been brewed in this region of Germany since the early 20th century.

9. Cologne’s Amazing Christmas Market

During the winter months, Christmas markets usually pop up all over Europe and we have been to quite a few of these but as a result of our love of Germany’s Wurst’s, and Gluhwine we developed a special affinity for Cologne’s Christmas markets.

10. Cologne moonshines as a College town

A city with many universities is usually a well-educated city and cologne is no exception. The student population here makes the city young and dynamic and with a fine mix of international students using the Erasmus program as a stepping-stone to live in the city, it is no wonder Cologne is one of Germany’s most culturally astute cities.

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