9 Ways to Stay fit while traveling

What?!!! I have to watch what I eat on vacation? Isn’t that the whole point to traveling in the first place. “I want to experience all the food this new culture has to offer”.

At one point or another during our travels, we have been in a situation where we had to compromise the strict workout regime that took years of discipline to develop and adhere to .

Traveling makes one depart from their daily routine. This can lead to one indulging in habits that lead to an expanding waistline. For this reason, The Partytrail have decided to compile a list of Nine ways you can keep your waistline in check while on the road.

Nine Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

The Jump rope

Staying Fit using the Jump Rope

We all used the Jump rope as kids, what we didn’t know at the time was that we were building a strong core, legs, and even arms. Jumping rope is a low cost but effective way to give your cardiovascular regimen a boost.

The Jump rope is so effective at helping you stay fit that a lot of boxing professionals have incorporated it into their workout routines. Since Jump ropes are so light weight, compact, easy to store and carry, they make for the ideal workout accessory when you travel.

The Push Up

The Push-Up is an ideal way to stay Fit during travel

The push up is a great way to exercise the muscles in your Pectoralis major and minor (your chest). It is also excellent for the arms, especially the triceps.

What is even more awesome about the push-up is that fact that you can alter its difficulty by elevating the legs, or placing the upper body in an elevated position.

One does not need to mention the fact that you need to pack absolutely nothing for you to incorporate this exercise into your “staying fit during travel” regimen.


Walking is a great way to stay fit during travel

A lot of walking….that is! This might seem like a no-brainer, but we know of a friend who went on a study abroad program in London and came back in really good shape.

When we asked what her secret was? Simply put, she said “let’s just say my footprints are all over London”. Motivated by all the beautiful sights her new surroundings had to offer, she decided to save the fare on transportation and just walk everywhere.

Not only did she get to see every nook and corner of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, she also got to stay fit during her travels.


Jogging is a great way to stay  fit during travel

This might be a little more challenging than our previous suggestion, especially, when you just spent the previous night getting smashed on a pub crawl or hanging out with friends.

However, if you were to muscle up the discipline, slapping on your headphones and getting lost in a new city can be a ridiculously stimulating experience for the brain. Even better, would going for a jog on the beach at the seaside getaway you rented for the holidays.

The Plank

The plank is a great way to stay fit during travel

We like to call this the stomach shredder amongst friends, it’s a low cost way of getting your abdominal muscles developed fast without putting any strain on your lower back.

The “Sit-ups” have a bad reputation for ruining your lower back. To get the most of this exercise, make sure you alter them into “Side planks” which are good for shaping your obliques too.


Yoga is a great way to stay fit during travel

A great way to make friends on the road. So many countries caught the yoga fever so long ago that it is almost common place in nearly every country you go to .

Just browse a couple of local studios in the city you are vacationing in and you would be surprised to find the number of affordable studios that would pop up.

We have also been to a couple of studios that offer free yoga classes for residents. If all of the above don’t work out. You can always just find a quiet spot to be a yogi in.

The Chair Squat

The chair squat is a great way to stay fit during travel

This is great for the legs. All you have to do is get a chair from your rented apartment, hostel, or hotel. Raise you hands up and repeatedly lunge yourself into and out of the chair. Do this repeatedly until you feel the burn in your legs.

Do this enough and you will find yourself developing some killer leg muscles while on vacation in no time.

Rent a bicycle

Renting a bicycle is a great way to stay in shape

Europe is awesome for this, especially what we like to call bike city (Amsterdam). Pedaling develops the calf muscles in ways few exercises can, cycling is also a great cardiovascular workout.

You also get to kill two birds with one stone as you get your workout in while you are discovering new things in the city.

Martial arts

Martial Arts are a great way to stay in shape during travel

We are getting even more ambitious with this suggestion which is best suited to those traveling in South east asia, when we traveled to Thailand, there were so many cheap watered down Muay Thai gyms, that travelers could sign up and use for very short periods of time. You get the added benefit of meeting other travelers who are also into fitness.

In our next post, we dish the benefits of traveling solo, why we think it is way better than rolling to another country with you home click and everything you need to do while traveling solo to make sure you don’t spend the entire time alone. Till the next time,……stay upbeat and keep tuned to the press.

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