Austin is usually referred to as the "Live Music Capital of The World
Austin is usually referred to as the “Live Music Capital of The World

An Introduction to Austin, Texas

Austinites (people from Austin) like to talk about how their city is the “Live music capital of the World”, while this is inevitably true, the slogan “Live music capital of the world” only tells part of Austin’s story.

Traveling to Austin gave us the feeling that Austin might one day be able to challenge some of America’s greats (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, eat you hearts out!!!!) for title of “entertainment capital” of the United States.

While that is a long shot in truth, there is something unique and special about Austin that not only separates it from other cities in the south but also from the fore-mentioned greats.

The proper way to describe Austin would be the same way one would describe a jewel in the rough. The southern-most states of America (Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi) get their identity for the most part for their values.

The hallmark of these values are steeped in politeness, community, homeliness, charm, and, tradition. If you ever met a “southern gentleman” or a “southern belle”, you would know this to be true.

While Austin has been able to keep some of these traits, it also stands apart from the rest in that it is very forward-thinking, cosmopolitan, urban, soulful, and liberal in character.

Austin’s DNA emanates from the diverse personalities that have steadily migrated to the city over time and have chosen to call it home.

Coupled with this, is the fact that, the city itself is very loyal to home-grown businesses, a move that on traveling to the city, would help one notice how much of a catalyst to “home grown innovation” the strategy has been.

Food trucks, unique restaurants, home grown bars, pubs and nightclubs are abound in this part of town.

Austin’s youthful population of liberal minded, young urban professionals (yuppies), the artistic minded, and college students have helped turn this city into what it is.

That is why we would recommend it as a must-visit city for travelers and globetrotters alike.

Austin will not be losing its identity as the place to be if you live in the south anytime soon. If at all, it will continue to trail blaze values that have set it apart from neighboring cities in the South.

It is this very feature about Austin that makes us believe it is worthy of the title we have bestowed upon it. Austin is simply what it is…….. “The Jewel of the South”.

Before the party and travel stories begin………

Located in: Texas, U.S.A

Population: 843,000 (2014 census)

Motto: “Keep Austin weird”, “Live music capital of the world”

Transportation: Automobiles (primary), metro system, and buses

Accommodation, Food and Beverage: Relatively expensive

Seasons: Summer, Rainy

Largest University: University of Texas, Austin

Parts of Austin we party trailed when we traveled to Texas

Next, In Austin – Jewel of the South II, we will take you on a stroll through Austin’s most infamous entertainment district, 6th street. So stay tuned to the press.

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