A Beach in Los Angeles
One of the many beaches In Los Angeles California

Los Angeles California is many things to different people but one thing everyone in Los Angeles can agree on is how lovely the beaches in Los Angeles are.

While life in L.A. can get hectic to the point that Los Angelenos forget that there are several beaches in their city, we are here to remind residents and visitors alike of 5 beaches in Los Angeles you must visit while in the city.

The Best Beaches In Los Angeles

Santa Monica Beach - one of the many beaches in Los Angeles
Sun-bathers On The Beach In Santa Monica California

1. Manhattan Beach

This has to be my favorite beach in all of Los Angeles. Located in the southwestern part of L.A., Manhattan beach is more of a beach town than anything else. It is quaint and is host to mostly residents of the city of Manhattan beach.

A day spent here will find you hanging out with locals that seem like they don’t have a care in the world. Manhattan beach also has friendly neighborhood bars and restaurants where you can mix and mingle with locals.

An added bonus is it’s close proximity to the Los Angeles international airport (LAX). So if you are visiting L.A. from out of town and have a hotel booked close to the airport, you definitely want to make at stop at this beach in Los Angeles.

2. El Matador State Beach.

El Matador State Beach Is On The Outskirts Of Los Angeles California
El Matador State Beach Is On The Outskirts Of Los Angeles California

This is another hidden gem in Los Angeles. El Matador State Beach is tucked away in Malibu and is perfect if you are looking for a beach escape from the city. El Matador is characterized by limestone rocks emanating from the ground which serves as the perfect backdrop for photographers and sunbathers alike. Once again because of its distance from the more frequented parts of L.A. you will find mostly Malibu residents at the beach.

3. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles California
The Entrance To The Santa Monica Pier In Los Angeles

Santa Monica beach is one of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles. It is often frequented by tourists and locals alike and ever since the expo line on the L.A. metro system

came into operation, it has made the beach more accessible than ever. The vibe at Santa Monica beach is more like a commercial beach town, with big hotels, clubs, restaurants, and bars on every corner of the street. An added bonus is it’s close proximity to it loony sister beach “Venice beach”, which I talk about next.

4. Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a walking distance from Santa Monica beach and most people that visit one always end up visiting the other. I once heard someone say “Venice beach is a different kind of crazy” and there couldn’t have been a more accurate description of the beach. With everything on the beach from street performers with snakes wrapped around their necks to people telling you your fortune through crystal balls. Venice beach has every spectacle that will keep a visitor to the beach occupied. An added bonus is Abbott Kinney boulevard which has boutique shops and restaurants lined up on opposite sides of the street. Taking a cue from Venice in Italy, there are also canals around the residential parts of the beach where residents paddle around in their boats.

5. Paradise Cove Beach

Paradise cove beach is another beach in that is tucked away in Malibu. It is one of our favorites because it is behind a restaurant called “paradise cove cafe” so get to enjoy cocktails and some food in the restaurant before heading out to the beach.

The only downside to visiting this beach is that parking here can be pricey but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

Did we miss any beaches above? Let us know in the comments section.

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