pic of Blue Garten taken while traveling through OKC
The Bleu Garten Food truck park. A must visit in OKC.

Bleu Garten and Other fun things

In our previous post, we visited the 1995 Oklahoma city bombing memorial, noticing our solemn mood, our newly made friend suggested we head over to “Bleu Garten”.

Pic of the Bleu Garten food truck park taken while traveling through OKC
Inside the Bleu Garten food truck park.

When we arrived, we could see a couple of food trucks and tents set up in a way that allowed patrons ample space to mingle. Hence, we immediately got to mingling. It was quite cold at the food park so it was only natural that we position ourselves at the bonfire set up right in the middle of the park.

We had barely rested our collective buttocks on our seats when a middle-aged lady struck up a conversation.

Lady: “Hey, How are you? Pretty cold isn’t it?”
Partytrail: “Yeah! It is. Are you from Oklahoma?”
Lady: “Yes I am. My family has been here since the time of the Sooners.”

Pic of Tom Cruise in Far and Away
Tom Cruise in Far and Away. Image is a property of fanpop.com

Side note: (If you have ever seen Tom Cruises’ “Far and Away”, the whole point of the Sooners would make sense to you.

Back then, as the European settlers advanced towards the American west, there was a redistribution of land captured from the native population. The settlers were told to arrive early on the day captured land was to be redistributed.

Some people were so enthusiastic about getting land that they arrived days early to make sure they secured as much land as possible. They were given the name “the Sooners” because they arrived earlier than they were supposed to.

It is rather ironic that the University of Oklahoma’s sports teams are named after the Sooners).

Picture of Bleu Garten Food truck park
One of the many mobile food trucks at Bleu Garten

Partytrail: “Oh wow that is pretty cool. From Los Angeles, I must say we are having a pretty great time here.”
Lady: “Yeah Oklahoma is really nice, people are friendly and welcoming.”
Partytrail: “Yeah! That is the impression we have been given so far.”

We would continue talking for the rest of the night while others came and joined in and before we knew it, we had formed a mini-party around the bon-fire.

We got to meet so many other interesting people that night; some of which included a guy who had lost 60 pounds (roughly 28 kilos, for our friends who use the metric system) in order to become an assistant coach for a American football college team, an engineer, who also ran a food truck as a hobby because of his love of cooking, and, a chef who wanted to move to Thailand to open an American-themed restaurant.

Picture of The Bleu Garten Food Park taken while traveling through Oklahoma
Another View of the Bleu Garten food park.

We were all having a great time but because it was a Saturday night and people wanted to go party, the crowd started thinning out which led us to inquire next about where Oklahomans like to party. We were unanimously told to head over to “Bricktown”, which happens to be the nightlife district in Oklahoma city.

Picture of the entrance into the Bricktown district taken while traveling through Oklahoma
Entrance into the Bricktown district

In our next entry we head over to Bricktown, where we got to partytrail several clubs and meet even more interesting people. Stay tuned to the press…………Things only get more interesting from here on out. Till the next time…..Party on!!!

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