Travel pic of La Candelaria - Bogota
La Candelaria. A historic neighborhood in downtown Bogota

Less than two decades ago, Colombia was synonymous with the notorious drug lord “Pablo Escobar”. His drug dealings by the early 1990’s had netted him an estimated $30 billion. Due to the drug dealings of Escobar and that of rival drug lords, Colombia became a traveler’s worst nightmare.

In addition to an already dangerous situation in Colombia were the kidnappings and murders orchestrated by Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia popularly known as the “FARC rebels”.

Fast forward to the present day and one would find that Colombia has totally transformed itself. Escobar was killed in 1993, the other drug lords have been neutralized, and, FARC with help from the United States are on their last legs.

All these factors have made Colombia one of the safest countries to visit on the American continent (Suck it Canada!!!).

We were able to travel to and partytrail three cities while in Colombia; “Bogota”,“Cartagena” and “San Andres”. Let’s just say we were wonderfully pleased with how much Colombia had redeemed itself from its gory and violent past.

A Little About Colombia……

Colombia is located in the northwest region of what is known as South or Latin America. It’s people’s are an ethnically diverse mix of Europeans, Africans, and the indigenous people who originally inhabited what is now known as Colombia. Independence day is 20th of July.

Other useful facts about Colombia

  • Capital: Bogota
  • Currency: Colombian Pesos
  • International Dial Code: +57
  • Transpotation: Personal Automobile,Bus, Metro in some cities
  • Busiest Airport: El Dorado international airport (BOG)
  • Food and Beverage: Moderate
  • Room and Board: Moderate
  • Seasons:Summer (Dec. to Feb.), Rainy Season ( Nov.), Spring (Mar. to Sep.)
Cities we visited while in Colombia:

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