The Petrovaradin Fortress where the Exit Festival is Held Each Year
The Petrovaradin Fortress Where The Exit Festival Is Held Each Year

In Serbia, A love Story, we talked about Belgrade and raved about all its awesomeness. What the partytrail was yet to find out was that Novi Sad, another city in Serbia, where thousands descend each year to experience the magic of the Exit music festival is just as charming and endearing as Belgrade.

The City Center In Novi Sad
The City Center In Novi Sad, Serbia.

Novi Sad, a city located in the northern part of Serbia was founded sometime around 1694. Today it plays a vital role as a financial and cultural center in Serbia. Every year thousands of revelers descend on the city of Novi Sad to attend the Exit festival at the Petrovaradin fortress. The Exit festival started as a political movement with students fighting for freedom and democracy in Serbia and the larger Balkans region. It has since spawned into an award wining music festival where the likes of Faithless, Hardwell and Martin Garrix spin their tunes.

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix Was At The Mts Dance Arena This Year.
Dutch DJ Martin Garrix Was At The Exit Festival’s Mts Dance Arena This Year.

The Exit festival is usually held over a four day period, with about 15 stages scattered all around the fortress. At these stages an array of Dj’s and starring artists play genres of music ranging from Hip Hop, House, Dubstep, Reggae, and Latin music to name a few. If you are looking for musical diversity this is one festival you need to attend.

There Are About 16 stages At The Exit Festival
There Are About 15 stages Playing Different Music Genres At The Exit Festival

There is also a campsite located next to a beach where people attending the festival can set up shop and get some much-needed rest away from the festivities. The age range of people attending the festival is anywhere between 18 and 35 years old but don’t be surprised if you meet the occasional cliff-hanger (people over the age of 35) who still enjoy the festival life.

People Attending The Exit Festival Setting Up The Campsite
People At The Exit Music Festival Campsite Setting Up Their Tents

The Petrovaradin fortress itself is quite a marvel, with its location on the banks of the Danube river, it adds a sense of other worldliness to the festival we are yet to encounter anywhere else.

The Gateway To The Petrovaradin Fortress
The Gateway To The Petrovaradin Fortress

In terms of the attendees, expect to meet people from all works of life. The festival draws students, hippies, music lovers, and working professionals. We did find that although the Exit festival is gaining mainstream popularity (In 2015, it set a new record for number of attendees), it seemed to attract mostly people from the Balkans region of Europe, which adds some level of authenticity to the festival in our opinion.

A Festival Attendee At The Exit Festival Registration
A Festival Attendee At The Exit Festival Registration

Final Note

On a final note, the Exit festival is one of the most magical experiences we at the partytrail have ever experienced, and that is saying a lot. We will definitely be visiting again next year to experience yet another four nights of pure fucking magic. Till then…… Poštovanje

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