The DJ booth at Globe Theatre L.A.
The DJ booth at Globe Theatre L.A.

Is This The Best Nightclub Downtown Los Angeles?

If you are a resident of downtown Los Angeles (d.t.l.a.) there is no doubt you have noticed a renaissance of epic proportions is going on in this part of the city.

This resurgence has been fueled in part by professionals whom in the past fled the downtown area after work for the safety and excitement other parts of Los Angeles provided.

The Globe Theatre L.A. is located on 740 Broadway street
The Globe Theatre L.A. is located on 740 Broadway street

For all the restaurants, pubs, theatres, and cultural venues that have sprung up since d.t.l.a’s renaissance began, there has always been one missing ingredient, a missing void, that made it impossible for it to contend with other L.A. cultural heavy weights.

The Globe theatre LA located on 740 South Broadway, downtown, Los Angeles hopes to fill this void. If a district in a city hopes to be a contender for a nightlife heavyweight title, it needs to have a marquee club. This newly minted club downtown that is housed in an antique theatre has all it takes to be d.t.l.a’s marquee club.

One Of The Two Bars At Globetheatre L.A.
One Of The Two Bars At Globetheatre L.A.

The Partytrail was invited to the Globe theatre to give our thoughts on what a night partying at this nightclub is like and we were very impressed.

The layout of the club is very spacious, there are two bars in the nightclub serving drinks, and they had an amazing DJ.

Getting past the line if you are on the guest list seemed to be a breeze and the staff seemed to be committed to ensuring guests had a great time at the club.

One thing the Globe theatre will need to do if it wants to solidify it’s position as the place to be if you visit downtown Los Angeles is work harder in getting the word out about this wonderful establishment.

The potential for this club is huge and if the right promotional steps are taken, that potential will quickly become kinetic. There are tons of young professionals who have chosen signature apartments like 717 olympic, Pegasus, 1010 Wilshire, and the Milano lofts just to name a few as their places of abode.

Also there are two big universities (U.S.C. and F.I.D.M) that have potential patrons. This is a pool of people this establishment will have to tap into if it wants to escape the fate (an early death due to lack of patrons) of several clubs that have come before it.

The Globetheatre rich in decor is unlike anything else downtown L.A.
The Globetheatre rich in decor is unlike anything else downtown L.A.

In our opinion, significant efforts need to be made to reach these populations. Downtown clubs from past experience have a nasty habit of being unpleasantly empty when they shouldn’t be.

In terms of size, ambience, layout, and the quality of music we experienced, Globe theatre L.A. has no where to go but up. How their ascension to downtown L.A’s nightlife throne plays out will pretty much rest on how they play their cards in the promotional arena.

If Globe there does not fulfill it’s rightful destiny, we might just have to continue to settle for the crappy bars on spring street.

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