Bottle Service At A Nightclub in Hollywood California
Bottle Service At A Nightclub in Hollywood California

Hollywood California Nightlife

A night out in Hollywood California, would definitely convince anyone who knows the right hot spots that Hollywood has some of the world’s best nightlife.

Hollywood, has a unique culture of its own anchored squarely on who you know, what you wear, and how much cash you are willing to splash on a given night out.

After all, Hollywood is home to a thriving fashion and movie industry that has its tentacles firmly wrapped around the globe.

There are several nightclubs, bars and restaurants that cater to all the celebrated personalities and celebutantes that the fore-mentioned industries produce.

In this post, we take an inside look at some the best places to go for a night out in Hollywood California, the best ways to get past the Velvet rope, what to expect once in the clubs and other great nightlife alternatives in Hollywood California.

Best Nightclubs and Bars In Hollywood California

A Snapshot of A nightclub in Hollywood California
A Snapshot of A nightclub in Hollywood California

The landscape of Hollywood nightlife is quite diverse. With a range that goes from high-end clubs that cater to L.A’s high rollers to medium-end clubs that most people go to and then on to regular bars and pubs on Hollywood boulevard where you can just go to watch some live music, down some beers, and not have to deal with a pretentious Hollywood bouncer.

The High-End Clubs

Bottle service maids holding flares to acknowledge a patron's purchase of bottle service
A Hostess holding flares to acknowledge a patron’s purchase of bottle service

On the high-end, we have clubs like Project Club L.A., Playhouse, Supper Club, and, 1 OAK LA. These clubs have high face control going on, if you are male your chances of gaining entrance into one of these clubs will depend solely on the number of females you are with or your willingness to part way with several hundreds of dollars for a V.I.P. table.

There are other ways to get in which include knowing a promoter at the door or simply slipping the bouncer a few dollar bills to see if he can let you and your friends into the clubs.

Short of all these options you will find your self waiting in line with no end in sight. Our advice is that you call ahead of time to make a table reservation or find out how you can get on a guest list.

If you are female, you definitely want to be in your best outfit and if you are male you definitely want to make sure you have several female friends with you. Guy to girl ratio is something most Hollywood California nightclubs are really concerned about.

For more on high-end night clubs in Hollywood we have decided to provide a very useful resource;

The Medium-End Clubs

The Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center In Hollywood, California
The Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center In Hollywood California

If you are not a celebrated personality, a trust fund baby then you will most likely be spending most of your nights at establishments like these.

A good example of clubs like these are Ohm Nightclub located in the Hollywood and Highland shopping center just off Hollywood Boulevard.

At establishments like these, there is no need to know the club promoter or bouncer, there is no face-control either, and, bottle service is optional. You simply pay the entrance fee to get into the nightclub and that’s it you are in.

For more on clubs like these please use this helpful resource we have provided; Nightclubs in Hollywood.

The Bars And Pubs

The third and final option are the several bars and pubs that litter the several side streets just off Hollywood boulevard. These are fun and merry places to go where the drinks are sanely priced and the focus is on getting wasted and having a good time.

The cool thing about bars like these is that there is usually a live band playing and one spends a fraction of what a patron normally spends at some of the bigger Hollywood nightclubs.

So there it is, now that we have given you a profile on Hollywood nightlife, we shall head onto profile Hollywood’s sister high profile strip

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