Lan Kwai Fong – D’Aguilar Street

Every intensely productive city we have ever traveled to has an entertainment strip where it’s citizens can go to have a blow some steam off and have a good time.

Austin, if you remember had “6th street”, Kuala Lumpur has “Bukit Bintang”, London has Mayfair or Shoreditch depending on your budget, Los Angeles has Hollywood Boulevard and Hong Kong has Lan Kwai Fong (L.K.F)

Getting to L.K.F…….

Based on our experience traveling to and traveling through this city, your best bet would be to use a cab.

For how expensive this city is, the cabs are surprisingly affordable and well organized. Just tell the cab driver that you are headed to L.K.F. and taking you there should be no problem.

Travel Picture of a taxi taken in Hong Kong
Picture of a Taxi in Hong Kong

Note: When in Hong Kong only use cabs that are in a queue to pick up passengers. Getting one randomly off the street could lead to you getting scammed.

The other option would be to get on Hong Kong’s highly advanced metro system. It is known by the locals as the MTR, get off at the “Central Station Exit D2”, then walk along Theatre Lane, and up D’Aguilar Street to arrive at L.K.F.

L.K.F. – The Strip

Pic of L.K.F. sign taken while traveling through H.K.
One of our partytrailers by the L.K.F. sign in Hong Kong

On approaching the strip the first thing that you will notice are the dizzying amount of bars, restaurants, and clubs that you would be presented with.

The second thing you would notice, if you are a westerner, is that you will not be out of place at all. This is due to the diversity of Hong Kong.

There are lots of expatriates in Hong Kong mostly from Western Europe and North America. (The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Holland, Germany, and France being the most contributors to the expatraite community).

Let’s not forget the “English as a Second Language” (E.S.L.) teachers mostly from Australia and the United Kingdom that have chosen Hong Kong as home.

If one then factors in the bankers (a lot from the U.K., the United States and elsewhere in the west) and the students from all over Europe and North America that attend the prestigious Hong Kong University (H.K.U.), then a night at L.K.F. would definitely leave you wondering whether you are partying in Asia or in some western metropolis.

The Bars and Clubs……..

Just like all the other cities we traveled to, there are some stand out bars and clubs you must visit while you are in L.K.F.

We must however forewarn you that due to the cost of drinks and partying in Hong Kong in general, a lot of people just bring their own alcohol, don’t bother buying drinks from the bars and party it up on the strip itself. With that being said…

Bars In Lan Kwai Fong

Rula Bula

58-62 D’Aguilar Street,
Lan Kwai Fong,
Hong Kong
We visited Rula Bula quite a bit while we were in L.K.F. and this bar just never ceased to be fun.

A den for the expatriate crowd in Hong Kong. It is almost a guarantee that you will be shooting pool with some Brits or Frenchmen while partying here.

They also have a great bar here with a good assortment of alcoholic beverages. Since Hong Kong is an expensive city, the cost of drinks at Rula Bula can also be quite pricey.

The interior is well decorated and well suited to having a good time. The music is mostly house and top 40.

What we liked the most about Rula Bula was the fact that it’s elevated position on the strip gives you a good view of the chaos that defines L.K.F. at times. This is awesome if you are into “people watching”.

Hard Rock Café

LG/F LKF Tower
55 D’Aguilar Street
Lan Kwai Fong
Central Hong Kong
When we visited this café, the music they played was mostly rock, and since we visited it just once, we cannot speak for other nights.

However, the location is perfect and we thought it was great for pre-gaming, i.e. if you want to start here, bar hop a bit, and then, hit other clubs later at night. The drinks were priced just like Rula Bula.

  • The China Bar
  • 44 D’aguilar Street , LKF
    Central District, Hong Kong

    The China Bar is great for a drink or two before heading to the next bar, The bouncers can be a pain in the a** though. One of our partytrailers “Dante” went dressed casually only to be told it was guest members only. He went home changed into a blazer and some shiny shoes and all of a sudden he was a guest member. One thing you cannot take away from this bar though is the great music and its location. It is right in the center of things and because of its strategic closeness to other spots in Lan Kwai Fong it would not be a bad idea to pop into this bar.

    4. Schnurrbart
    29 D’Aguilar St, Hong Kong
    +852 2523 4700

    Another testament to our earlier assertion of Hong Kong’s “cultural diversity”. It is a German bar in Hong Kong located right in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong. They have a variety of German Largers and a menu that plays up the German theme. Again the reason we picked this bar is because of its quality of service and also it’s location in the heart of L.K.F.

    5. Bit Point
    G/F, 31 D’Aguilar Street,
    Lan Kwai Fong,
    Central Hong Kong

    This is another German bar in Lan Kwai Fong, that serves great drinks and is a great place to start off the night due to its strategic location right inside the Lan Kwai Fong.

    Note: We are in no way saying these are the best bars in H.K., However visiting them on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night should get you on the path to a great night. There are over 90 bars and restaurants in the Lan Kwai Fong area and we did not visit them all. If you are ever traveling to Hong Kong, walking Lan Kwai Fong and seeing what suits your taste is the best advice we can give you.

    Recommended clubs in Lan Kwai Fong

  • Prive
  • Prive is another must visit nightclub in Hong Kong, they have been able to weather the relentless storm of new clubs entering the nightlife scene. They also just relocated to a six thousand sq. ft. venue at the basement of Century Square, located at the base of Lan Kwai Fong. The music here is again mostly electronic, dance and dub-step. If you are looking for an affordable party, Prive is not the venue for you. As an extra if you are into expensive nightlife, Prive has membership privileges upward of HK 15,000.00 Dollars, you might want to look into this.

  • Beijing Club
  • We did not get to partytrail Beijing club but word on the street is that it is another must visit.

  • Play Nightclub
  • This is another model hangout, that should sum up the vibe of the club. The drinks just like most Hong Kong clubs are on the expensive side and the music is also mostly electronic, dance and top 40.

    Visiting the fore-mentioned pubs and clubs would definitely guarantee an awesome time on a weekend night in L.K.F. If walking the strip on your own does not do it for you then there is the option of joining a pub crawl while you are in L.K.F. We joined the crawl at “Hong Kong Pub Crawl” and it was an awesome time. Not only did we have other travelers to party with, the organizers seemed to know some “off the trail” bars and clubs that had missed us previously.

    Okay party folks, that wraps up the Lan Kwai Fong partytrail, we are going to take you over to L.K.F’s more sophisticated “sibling strip”, the South of Hollywood (SOHO) district on Wyndham street in Hong Kong. Just like L.K.F., it has lots of great bars, clubs, and restaurants, the only exception here being that there is a touch of class that seems to be absent from L.K.F. Stay tuned for Hong Kong – The Cantonese Expedition (III)

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