Lan Kwai Fong – Wyndham Street
One street over from D’aguilar Street in an elevated position is Lan Kwai Fong’s other happening strip, Wyndham street. This street when compared to D’Aguilar street takes on the “sibling” analogy we used previously in our “Austin-Jewel of the South” series. While D’Aguilar Street, in Lan Kwai Fong is a lot more colorful, rowdy, and sometimes just plain “bat shit” crazy. Wyndham Street, while equally fun takes on a more mature and chilled out vibe. Since lots of Hong Kong expatriates like to come to Wyndham street in Lan Kwai Fong to party, one could easily be once again fooled into thinking they were partying in a western metropolis.

Getting there……

We like to think of L.K.F. as a “twofer”, since Wyndham is only one street away from D’Aguilar, you can seamlessly switch your partying between the two. All that separates D’Aguilar from Wyndham are a set of stairs next to the Hard rock café that you can climb up from D’Aguilar Street to get to Wyndham Street. If however, you are not already in the Lan Kwai Fong area, simply hail a cab, we suggested this in “Lan Kwai Fong – D’Aguilar Street”. Compared to the prices of everything else in Hong Kong, cab rides are quite affordable. Another option would be to take the MTR and get off at the “D2 Central” exit.

Once there……

Wyndham Street as we mentioned earlier has a lot of great entertainment options. The bars on this strip play a very good assortment of music; Top 40, Dance, Electronic, Oldies and Hip Hop. If we were allowed an opinion, it would be that we enjoyed partytrailing Wyndham street over D’Aguilar street. However, we will leave you with the choice of making up your own mind on which of these two street in Lan Kwai Fong you prefer. Here are some bars, Clubs, and Restaurants we think are worth a visit on Wyndham street…

1. Dragon-I
60 Wyndham St,
Hong Kong.
+852 3110 1222

When we asked where we could go clubbing in L.K.F the response was “yeah, there is a place where all the models in Hong Kong go to party, it’s called Dragon-I”. The word “models” immediately piqued our interested and we decided we must partytrail Dragon-I. On arrival we asked to pay about 500 HK Dollars to get in. The cost of entry seemed to set the tone for the rest of the night. One could argue that Dragon-I is one of H.K’s most exclusive clubs. Several celebrities from United States have either performed or guest partied here. Dragon-I is where the H.K. elite (Banker’s, Lawyers, Models, Businessmen, and the like go, to party). Bottle service is rife here, so if you are low on your budget, our advice is to do what everyone else in H.K. on a budget does, bring your own beer and party on the streets. The music is usually Dance or Dubstep and the drinks are expensive but one thing you will be guaranteed is that every night you party here will definitely be a colorful and eventful one.

2. Koh Thai Restaurant
57 Wyndham Street,
Hong Kong

If you like Thai food, you will love this place, with locations in Wanchai and Mid-levels (we’ll review these in upcoming posts) one can only wonder if three locations are enough. The interior décor here is great and could serve as a medium of escaping Hong Kong’s daily grind. Also make sure you get the popular Thai brand “Tiger beer “ to complete your Thai experience while dining here. Food and drink prices here are expensive but our guess is that its a reflection of Hong Kong’s high cost of living.

3. Tonic
Tonic is an ultra-sophisticated lounge located on “Wyndham Street”; we recommend it as a must-visit. The stand out feature of this bar is the interior décor. It seems whoever designed this bar had the concept of an escapist medium in mind because we seemed transported to another world once we stepped into this bar. There is also a full bar, great music and a crowd sophisticated enough to compliment this bar.

4. Socialito
50 Wyndham St,
Hong Kong
This is hands down one of the best nightclubs on Wyndham Street. It is a little on the pricier side but well worth the price. The defining characteristic of this club is the music, they play a great deal of top 40 music, hip hop, and house. Bottle service is also rife here, so if you want to fit in, you might want to consider getting one or two. This is

5. California Vintage
So remember we told you Wyndham Street is very sophisticated. What is sophistication without a glass of wine or two? California vintage is a California themed restaurant on Wyndham Street that features a selection of about 90 different wines from 22 family owned refineries. We would recommend California vintage for one of those nights you want to kick back, relax, and have a good time. It’s also a good place to take a date to.

Before we head off to our location, we would advise taking a walk through Wyndham and sampling as many of the bars, restaurants and clubs on the strip as possible. Getting there is about half the fun the other half is trying to discover the one bar that truly suits you. This might indeed be difficult since Wyndham has so many options.

In Hong Kong – The Cantonese Expedition (IV), we go to a neighborhood not too far from Lan Kwai Fong that recently started to gain a reputation as an entertainment contender. We partytraied the South of Hollywood road (SOHO as it is called by the locals) and there are some hidden gems we are going to be introducing to, so stick around and let’s rock out H.K. together.

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