Pics of Victoria Peak taken while traveling through H.K.


When we were told that Kowloon city was another nightlife option in Hong Kong we could not help but think of Hong Kong as “the gift that keeps on giving”.

Kowloon in Cantonese means Nine Dragons. If that does not generate excitement, then a report on the places that we visited while partytrailing this city will.

The W Hotel

No. 1 Austin Road West,
Kowloon Station,
Hong Kong.

If you have ever stayed in a W Hotel, you would know that it is the ultimate boutique hotel. In every city where we had the privilege of resting our heads the experience was always defined by style and elegance with a touch of the eccentric and some contemporary décor.

The main attraction for a partygoer at the W would be the “Wet deck” on the 76th floor of this awesome hotel.

Not only are the views of Hong Kong itself from the rooftop pool of the W unbelievable, the experience at the rooftop pool party had an otherworldly feel to it.

Please watch the video we have provided below courtesy of W Hong Kong to see what a summer night at Wet deck is like.


The Ritz-carlton Hong Kong,
1 Austin Rd W,
Hong Kong.

We were told by one of our buddies that the highest bar in the world is based in Hong Kong. Two thoughts came to mind; one was “Get outta here”, the other was us wondering if there was a direct correlation between altitudes and its effect alcohol consumption.

Deciding to put our curiosity to the test, we headed over to the Ritz Carlton in Kowloon which is where Ozone is located.

We took a cab to the Ritz Carlton but Hong Kong being the magnificent city that it is meant using the metro was also an option.

However, our eager anticipation to drink at the highest bar in the world did not allow the patience that numerous stops on the way to Ozone would have provided.

On getting to the the Ritz, we walked through the lobby which was so elegant and tasteful in design that we could have fooled ourselves for a minute into thinking we were royalty on an expedition through southeast Asia.

We got on the elevator which was pretty fast considering we were headed to the 118th floor of the hotel.

On exiting the elevator we were met by a host that led us through the lounge on the 118th floor and proceeded to ask if we wanted to be seated on the inside or the outside of the hotel.

We chose the outside sitting and though it was a tad cold, it was well worth the view of the city. We were also fortunate that the Hong Kong light show also happened to be going on at the same time.

Video courtesy of: Mahz Travel

We settled in nicely and enjoyed some pretty pricey cocktails, but hey we are not complaining after all it is the highest bar in the world.

The light show progressed and we did get drunk faster or maybe it was the psychological effect of us anticipating a quick descent into drunkenness that made us get drunk so fast but all in all, Ozone was quite the experience.

We had an amazing night there enjoying cocktails whilst thinking how lucky we were to be among the few who belong to the fraternity of travelers that get to enjoy one of the world’s most amazing cities.

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In our next post, we leave the city and head over to the beaches and Islands of Hong Kong. All we can say is that you should go get your swim trunks, or bikinis because its time to get wet. Till then, party on!!!

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