Pics of Hong Kong taken while traveling through Asia
One of the many beaches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Beaches

One thing we found hard to fathom was the fact that Hong Kong could also be considered a beach or island city.

We previously thought Hong Kong was a mega city with bright lights and tall sky scrapers which was all about business and capitalism. While this is part of the story, the truth is that there is more to Hong Kong than just finance, business men and bankers.

As far as having a good time, Hong Kong as we stated earlier is the “gift that keeps on giving”.

During the summer months, up and down the twisted Hong Kong hills, sometimes away from Hong Kong city, we found that if you look well enough there were a lot of little tucked away islands and beaches that could provide a mini vacation without having to leave Hong Kong itself.

The Best Islands and Beach towns in Hong Kong

1. The Big Wave Bay

If you are part of the surf scene, then this is your best bet in Hong Kong. A lot of locals who are into surfing usually go here to dip there boards into the ocean and have a chill day at the ocean.

The Repulse Bay

Don’t let the word “Repulse” fool you, there is nothing repulsive about this bay. When we visited this beach, we couldn’t help but take in the scenic views, enjoy the ocean and get our “tan on”.

Unlike the Big wave bay that is more for surfing, Repulse is more suited to sun bathing and just relaxing on the beach.

Also there is some pretty interesting architecture in the background of this beach.  Make sure you get a photo or two with these in the background while at Repulse Bay.


This is a more family oriented beach, but hey with a good set of headphones and shades, all the family activity on the beach should not get in the way of a good tan.

If you are lucky enough you might be able to spot the making of a Cantonese pop music video. Shek-O from what we gather is a favored spot for making music videos in Hong Kong.

Tai long Wan

Another great beach option in Hong Kong, we in fact went kayaking here and it was an awesome experience.

Also a lot of people seem to camp here. Our assumption is that it’s as a result of Tai long Wan’s serenity and beauty.

Lamma Island

We visited Lamma Island and it was a really a great time. There was a certain tranquility and peace that permeated the Island.

It is in stark contrast to the city of Hong Kong which as we know by now is always bustling with bankers, lawyers and businessmen.

Lamma Island is one those places one can go to if the intention is to escape Hong Kong’s bustling and uptempo work environment.

The beaches on Stanley

There are two main beaches on Stanley in Hong Kong and they are Saint Stephen’s beach and Stanley main beach.

A visit to the town of Stanley itself is a major tourist attraction. Add a trip to the beach and it becomes an unforgettable experience.

Well there you have it, we have listed for you some of the beaches in Hong Kong we visited. There are still more tiny hidden beaches and Islands in Hong Kong but since we didn’t get to visit these, we left them out of our list.

In the The next post, we say goodbye to this wonderful city and leave you with final tips of things to do in Hong Kong. So stayed tuned to the press………………

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