Pic of H.K. taken while traveling

Things To Do In Hong Kong

Well it’s time to say goodbye to another city, while that it is always hard to leave a city as awesome as Hong Kong, the good news is that we get to travel to and partytrail yet another city, which means more great recommendations and travel tales for you.

We hope we were able to give you some good info on where to go and how to have a good time if you were to ever travel to Hong Kong.

Before we go though, there are some more things you have to do before you leave this awesome city that we did not mention in earlier posts.

9 Things Every Traveler Who Visits Hong Kong Must Do.

  • Visit Big Bhudda
  • Pic. of Big Buddha taken while traveling through H.K.

  • Ride the Ngong Ping Cable car
  • Pic of H.K. Gondola taken while traveling through H.K.

  • Attend a Junk boat party
  • pic of Junk Boat Party taken while traveling through H.K.

  • Hike up Victoria Peak
  • Pic of Victoria Peak taken while traveling through Asia

  • Take a day trip to neighboring Macau
  • Pic of Macau taken while traveling through Asia

  • Visit The Temple street night market
  • Pic of HK Market taken while traveling through H.K.

  • Attend The Hong Kong Seven’s Rugby Tournament
  • Travel Pic of H.K. Sevens

  • Visit the 10,000 Buddha’s monastery
  • Pic of 10,000 Buddhas taken while traveling through H.K.
    10,000 Buddhas in Sha Tin, Hong Kong.
  • Watch Horse racing at the Happy Valley Racecourse
  • Pic of H.K. Races taken while traveling through H.K.

    In our next series of posts, we take a break from partytrailing and instead will give you info on some travel tips that can make traveling a lot easier. Till then stay tuned and……..Keep on traveling!!!

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