A typical night in Leidseplein, Amsterdam
A typical night in Leidseplein, Amsterdam.


This is a popular square in Amsterdam that can be accessed from the central station (Amsterdam Centraal) by trams 1, 2, or 5. There are trams from other parts of the city that also lead to Leidseplein (check the city tram resource for details).

Getting to Leidseplein is easy from anywhere within the city and there are locals always ready to help with directions.

The Tram is a very good way to get around Amsterdam
The Tram is a very good way to get around Amsterdam

As earlier stated, renting a bicycle to get around Amsterdam makes the experience so much more fun.  A popular landmark close to Leidseplein is “Vondelpark” in Oud-West (that should be a good point of reference for you).

The first thing you will notice about Leidseplein are the numerous cafes and chairs that line the sidewalks.

They are also usually busy with tourists and locals alike enjoying the wide array of alcoholic beverages that are served by the bars and restaurants in the square.

Let us not forget the numerous coffee shops that serve Hash and Weed in Leidseplein. PartyTrail recommends you visit the “Bulldog Cafe” while in Leidseplein.

The Bulldog Cafe in Leidseplein, Amsterdam
The Bulldog Cafe in Leidseplein, Amsterdam

We visited this cafe and were pleased to find out how much of a well run coffee-shop it was. Do take note: DO NOT OVER DO IT WITH THE SPACE-CAKES

. There have been several reports of tourists overdoing it because they ate more than they could handle.

Over-dosage on Space-cakes could lead to hallucinations, extreme paranoia and in some cases fainting. Space-cakes take about an hour or more to take effect and can have effects that last onward of five hours.

Even for the avid user, it is advisable to consume Space-cakes in moderation. A quarter of a Space cake or much less per hour might be a good idea. What we are saying basically is that you consume them “responsibly“. That being said, here are some “MUST VISIT” clubs in the general Leidseplein area:

  • Club Abe
  • Club Air
  • Chicago Social Club
  • Jimmy Woo
  • Melkweg
  • Paradiso
  • Sugar Factory
  • Brazil Music Bar
  • Club Abe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Club Abe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Visiting the above listed clubs should guarantee you a good time in Leidseplein. Clubs are open till early the next morning, so you might want to be prepared for a long night/morning of partying before starting your night out.

    Do keep in mind that some of the clubs are more fun than others on different nights. For instance we visited the Chicago Social Club on a Thursday night and it was great.

    The guy to girl ratio was perfect and the DJ was awesome. On Friday night, we visited Club Air and it was an awesome experience too.

    There was a guest list when we arrived, fortunately there was another line or queue for people not on the list.

    We were asked to pay a cover of 20 Euros to get in after which we had to purchase a pre-paid card to be used for purchasing alcoholic beverages.

    We filled our card with about 50 Euros and that was good enough for each person in our crew. Considering that we are not big drinkers, the prices of drinks made us realize in no time how an outing to Club Air can quickly turn into an expensive one.

    Our verdict is that the price of alcohol is on par (expensive) with other North-American and Western-European cities. The rest of the night went smooth and we met tons of locals who were as fascinated with the fact that we were from Los Angeles as we were that they were from Amsterdam.

    There were several rooms in Club Air and each room was packed full with a good ratio of guys and girls who were definitely down to get down and have some fun.

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