Ultimate guide to nightlife in Los Angeles
Going out in L.A. can be daunting for new comers to the city.

Trying to make sense of the nightlife in Los Angeles can be like solving a crazy puzzle. If you don’t have the proper pieces in place you might very well find that L.A.’s nightlife is one that you might never solve.

The city is huge and likely the most spread out in America. Los Angeles reminds me a lot of Jakarta in that it is a combination of several mini cities.

To fully maximize the potential of the nightlife in Los Angeles, there are a couple of things you must do and The Partytrail has been so generous to let you in on some tips that will make every night you go out in L.A. one to remember.

1. Pre-Game

Alcohol is very expensive in Los Angeles, so the trick is for you to pre-game at your house before heading out for the night. I would also advise you have your very own flask that you take into the club with you.

The best thing you can do is to buy one of those phones that double as a flask and pour your own alcohol into it. Simply ask for a cup of water or soda at the bar, pour out the water or simply add your alcohol to the soda and voila you have your very own cocktail without having to pay club price.

Caution: Make sure you watch out for burly bouncers as you are sure to get thrown out of the club or even blacklisted if you are caught bringing alcohol into a club in L.A.

2. Get An Airbnb or Hotel Close To Where you are going out

Getting A Hotel Close To Where You Intend To Go Out Can Be A Life Saver.

One of the biggest downsides to going out in L.A. is the distance between where you might be planning on going out and where you reside. Drinking and driving in Los Angeles carries a massive fine that can go as high as $10,000 and sometimes a mandatory court appearance and even jail time.

It just isn’t worth it to be inebriated and driving at the same time. Besides you are a danger to the public if you are drunk and behind the wheel.

3. Nightlife Connections

Los Angeles is a very snobby city, if you don’t know a promoter or aren’t on a guest list it can be difficult to get into L.A. clubs.

The trick is to do your research before going out. Go to the facebook page of whatever clubs you want to go out to and see if you can get on the guest list before heading out. Check on their social media to see if they are accepting people on their guest list.

If they are accepting people, make sure you get on it. If you reside in L.A. make sure you ask for the promoter at the club you go to and get to know them on a one on one basis.

That could help you get past L.A.’s notorious unnecessary lines that are used as a tool by clubs to keep up appearances.

Also if you are in an area that has a hotel, make sure you check out the bars and lobbys’ of those hotels as backup in case you get rejected from the main clubs. They always have mini parties during the weekends.

4. Afterparty

Los Angeles is the land of after-parties because most bars and clubs close at 2 a.m., people usually shift the partying to residential locations in case they want to keep the night going. This is when your hotel room or Airbnb can come in really handy.

Get a few friends you have made during the night and bounce back to your hotel or Airbnb and continue your night there. Make sure you stock up on alcohol. It will come in handy trust me.

In Conclusion

Nightlife in Los Angeles can tricky and frustrating to newly minted Angelenos.
However, if you are patient enough to get to know how the city ticks, you will find that it’s nightlife rivals that of any of the worlds other mega-cities.

Before I leave, I think it’s a good idea I write some of the best neighborhoods with the best nightlife in Los Angeles.


Lots of bars, speakeasys, and Korean Barbecue. The best part of the city to pre-game or start the night.

Downtown Los Angeles

Home to up and coming clubs and more established venues like ExchangeLA.

West Hollywood

Very gay-friendly, which means the parties here can be off the hook.


This part of town has some the best nightclubs in L.A. it can be hard to get into the clubs here if you don’t know anyone. Do your research before heading out here.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is home to a lot of rich older people so there are not too many clubs here that are all night wagers.

What you will find in Beverly Hills most times are bars and restaurants that cater to an older, snobbish clientele.


Home of the hipster crowd. Most of the clubs here aren’t interested in face control. As long as you can pay to get in. They will let you in.


Mostly UCLA students go out here. Other than a few bars, there is not much to do in this part of town in terms of nightlife.

Sunset Blvd

Home to rooftop bars like Skybar at the Mondrian. Hard to get into some bars here but you can also go to hotel bars on the strip as a fallback option.

Santa Monica/Venice

Lots of beautiful people here. Home to my personal favorite bar “Ocean 41” and the restaurant at the Huntley hotel.

Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach/Hermosa Beach

The style here is pretty laid back and people can even get into the bars in flip-flops. You will not find any major L.A. nightclubs here but there are tons of bars where you can pop in for a couple of drinks.

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