Bricktown district, bastion of OKC nightlife
Entrance into the Bricktown district

OKC Nightlife – The Bricktown District

As you might have noticed, every city we have visited has some district or another with a concentration of bars, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs. Thanks to the good folks that we met at Bleu Garten Read Post Here, we were given some good intelligence about OKC nightlife. In Oklahoma city (OKC), all the nightlife happens in “Bricktown”.

Picture of Canals in Bricktown (the OKC nightlife district)
There are a network of canals in the Bricktown area.

As we stated earlier, Bricktown is where most of the OKC nightlife takes place and it encompasses about a 5 block square radius downtown Oklahoma City.

From what we observed, the most prominent street in the Bricktown district was “Sheridan Avenue” and that was what we used as our point of reference.

It was quite the experience partying there as we got to hang out with a predominantly local crowd and get to see what OKC nightlife was like.

There were so many clubs and bars in this district that choosing which clubs or bar to go to was quite the challenge. However, we were able to settle for some alluring choices in the district and they turned out to be fantastic venues. A couple of the clubs we visited are profiled below.


Picture of Circus Party bar taken while traveling through Oklahoma City
Circus Party Bar in the Bricktown District

Great club, great crowd, you could immediately tell the patrons here came to party. From Western line dancing, to hip hop, and dance music, the people at the club are not posers. They came to break a sweat.

Candy Nightclub

pic of Candy Nightclub taken while traveling through Brockton
Candy Nightclub in the Bricktown District

In our humble opinion, Candy nightclub is a perfect blend of a lounge where people would be more inclined to just chill and a club like circus where everyone likes to go buck wild. Candy definitely offers something good for everyone.


Picture of Club One15 taken while traveling through Oklahoma City
Club One15 in the Bricktown district.

We did not get to visit this club when we traveled to Oklahoma city, but every local we met swore it was a great place to go. It’s located right on Sheridan Avenue so it should be easy to find.


Picture of Dollhouse nightclub taken while traveling through OKC
Dollhouse Nightclub, OKC

Part burlesque dancer club, part lounge, part nightclub. The Dollhouse has it all. Whatever your vibe is. You should be able to find it here.

Pink Cadillac

Picture of Pink Cadillac taken while traveling through OKC
Pink Cadillac Nightclub in Bricktown, Oklahoma

This was another club we did not get to visit when we traveled to OKC, but it was another club that seemed to be a favorite with the locals.

If you ever decide to visit Bricktown or Oklahoma city in general, we have posted some helpful links below to make your stay in OKC and enjoyable one.

Sadly, every good thing must come to an end. We profiled Oklahoma city and thought it was amazing. Stay tuned to the press as we profile a Latin American rising star, Colombia. Till then, stay tuned to the press.

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