Partying in the Netherlands ~Epilogue~

Pic of Amsterdam Schipol Airport taken while traveling through the Netherlands

We would like to thank everyone who gave us tips, advice, and clues on how to make our trip to the Netherlands one to remember.  We would also like to give a shout out to the Dutch people as a whole.  We at the Partytrail think you guys have done an amazing job with your country. In other words “you rock!!!!!!”

In our next entry, Partytrail takes you to a city in our home country (The United States).  We party-trailed this city and there is no other way to describe this city other than it being the “Jewel of the South”.  (So make sure you click the follow button at the top of this thread so you can get info on this great city). As you have guessed, that is what we will be naming our next blog entry.  In the meantime don’t let life get you down.  A famous saying goes “You only get one life to live but if you live well enough, one life is all you need”.  So rock on, enjoy life and don’t stop following the trail.

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