Rainey Street Austin

pic of a Rainey Street Austin bungalow taken while traveling through Austin, Texas
One of the many bungalows turned into nightspots on Rainey Street

In our last post, we visited West 6th Street, got to review some of the awesome bars and nightclubs on that part of the infamous 6th street.

In this post we depart from 6th and head to Rainey Street Austin renowned for it’s nightlife, food trucks, and, bungalow style nightclubs and bars. What do you get when you combine great live music, a strip of bungalows converted into bars, a food truck park and a nightclub made out of shipping containers (yes!!! shipping containers)?

Well you get one of the most unique entertainment strips we have visited during our travels so far.

That’s right, away from the chaos of E 6th street, the glitz and glamor of W 6th street, there is still more this city has to offer.

Rainey street Austin is located not too far from 6th street but it is far enough that one would need an automobile to get there.  We advise using the parking lots at the end of the street as it can get very busy here.

pic of Rainey Street Austin,  while traveling through Austin, Texas
Snapshot of live music at a bar on Rainey street.

The vibe on Rainey street is a lot more relaxed than what you would find on either east or west 6th street. In our opinion, walking on Rainey Street gives a visitor the first inkling of what it is like to party in the south.

The architecture here is quite unique in that Rainey probably used to be a residential area that once housed families living in the fore-mentioned southern style bungalows.

Our guess is that at some point in the history of Austin, someone thought Rainey might be put to better use if they converted all the houses on the street into bars.

Pic of a bar on Rainey Street taken while traveling through Austin, Texas
A bar on Rainey street, Austin, Texas.

There are several great bars and pubs to choose from while on Rainey, but a couple caught our attention due to how unique and different they were from anything we had seen during our travels.

Austin Container Bar

90 Rainey Street,
Austin, TX.

pic of Austin Container Bars taken while traveling through Austin
The Container bars on Rainey Street are unique and one of it’s kind.

Our first time visiting this establishment left us a bit bewildered. We couldn’t help but think whoever came up with the idea of turning shipping containers into a bar must have been a crazy innovator.

pic of shipping containers on Rainey Street Austin taken while traveling through Austin, Texas
View of one of the shipping containers converted to a dance room at the Container bar.

What is interesting about this concept is how they were able to create a homey and relaxing atmosphere from the shipping containers.

There is a main bar downstairs that sells an assortment of alcoholic beverages, there is also an open area where people (usually a more mature but yet youthful crowd) gathers cocktail in hand.

pic of the container bar in Austin, TX taken during our travels
A snapshot of patrons at the container bar on Rainey Street

The Bungalow bar

92 Rainey Street,

Austin, TX

pic of the Bungalow bar on Rainey Street Austin taken while traveling through Austin, Texas
The Bungalow bar on Rainey st. Austin, TX

This is more of a sports bar with big TV screens installed in every room in the bar.  Bungalow is perfect for a watching a sporting event over some beers and chicken wings.  There is also a full bar and a backyard.

After all, it is a bungalow.  In the back there were some more food trucks and an area designated for playing games.

When we partytrailed Bungalow, it seemed like there were some college kids from University of Texas(UT), Austin hanging out.  It just might be a bar of choice for students from the UT Austin. (Go longhorns!!)

Some other Rainey Street Austin bars include:


609 Davis Street,
Austin, TX

Kitchen Nova and Bar

87 Rainey Street,
Austin, TX

The Rainey street Austin Food Truck Park

Pic of the Austin food truck park taken while traveling through Rainey Street Austin
The Austin food truck park on Rainey Street.

Okay this is not a club, but if you are a traveling foodie, you will love this place. The Austin food truck park is right in the middle of Rainey street and is not easy to miss.

When we partytrailed the food truck venue there were trucks selling everything from Thai food, (We had some bowls of Pad Thai. Yummy!!) American burgers, Mexican food and everything in between.

The only downside to the food truck park was that the food was a bit on the pricier side so hold a thick wallet if you decide on stopping over before or after a night out dancing.

In our next post, Austin-Jewel of the South (V), we shall cover the other interesting streets in the downtown district of Austin, so please stay tuned to the press.

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