Rembrandtplein is the sister square to Leidseplien. In other words, it is the other big square in Amsterdam with a lot of mainstream entertainment.

To get to Rembrandtplein from “Amsterdam Centraal” (the central station in Amsterdam) simply climb on tram 9 and get off at the Rembrandtplein stop. There are also other trams leading to Rembrandtplein.(The city transportation website might be a useful resource)There are two landmarks or statues that would let you know you are in Rembrandtplein.

One is a statue of Rembrandt (a famous 15th century artist who once lived near the square). The other is a statue called “the night watch”. It’s a sculpture of one of Rembrandt’s famous paintings….

Okay, we know what you are thinking….enough of the history lessons. You are right! Time to get down to the good stuff.

People outside some clubs in Rembrandtplein
People outside some clubs in Rembrandtplein

From our observation, it seemed like there were more bars than clubs in the square itself (there are also side streets leading into the square that have bars, clothing stores, and coffee-shops).

There are two major clubs in Rembrandtplein and they are Escape and Rain (located at Rembrandtplein 44). Unfortunately, we did not get to visit every club so we cannot give you exact intelligence on what goes on at either establishment.

Word on the street though, is that Escape is filled with pre-dominantly vacationers and tourists.

So, if you are looking to interact with locals on your trip this might not be the spot to go. That being said, if you don’t care about the nationality of the people you party with, then Escape is definitely your best bet.

Rain from what we gathered is more of a “place to be seen” type of club. Another popular establishment in Rembrandtplein is Cafe & Club Smokey which has a coffee-shop/pool hall and dance venue just one venue apart. (The venue in between cafe smokey and club smokey is “Prime”).

Prime is more of a lounge that turns into a dance venue later on at night. We found Prime to be a good spot to go on Sundays. As for the Smokey’s establishment, one serves as a coffee-shop (think weed and space-cake), and doubles as a pool hall while the other (on the other side of prime) is a pub/dance venue.

We party-trailed it and while it is not a mega-club, it would be perfect for one of those nights when you just want to dance casually into the night without the routine that comes with the bigger clubs.

Our verdict is that Rembrandtplein is great for pre-gaming or post-gaming. For post-gaming, our favorite after-hours eatery is Wok to Walk. There are two more of these located across the city so be sure to give it a try if you like asian food in the after-hours.

Clubs to party at in Rembrandtplein.

As we stated earlier in this post, there are a ton of bars in Rembrandtplein, make sure you pop into one, they are a good way to get your night going and meet other travelers and locals.

Now on to the less mentioned neighborhoods in Amsterdam that have pockets of nightlife……The less popular neighborhoods in Amsterdam

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