Travel can be an amazing experience, seeing new things, talking to new people, making new friends, eating new foods and indulging in a culture completely foreign to yours can make for a life changing experience.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get to experience the benefits of travel due to the costs associated with it. Travel is not a necessity and still a luxury for many.

To make matters worse, if you get bitten by the travel bug and go on one too many vacations, it can eat deep into your finances in the long run.

Some people however, have been able to figure out ways to reduce the costs often associated with travel. These savvy travelers often leave less informed travelers wondering how they get to trott the globe as much as they do.

Well, because we love our readers so much, we have decided to come up with a list of websites that can make you too a savvy traveler.

List Of Nine Websites For Every Savvy Traveler

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  • The flight deal is an awesome tool for the savvy traveler
    The flight deal is an awesome tool for the savvy traveler

    This website is ideal for travelers in the U.S.A. It is great because it scours the internet for ridiculously low fares from some of America’s major city to destinations all around the world.

    You might ask what is the difference between this site and say skyscanner for instance? The difference is that the guys at this site use a combination of tools, insider connections, and glitches in the system to find you fares you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

    I mean where else on the internet can you find a fare from Los Angeles to Paris for $681 with taxes included or a flight from L.A. to Australia for $1,000. This tool is definitely a must have for every savvy traveler.


    The Points guy gives you tips on the best ways to use points to become a savvy traveler
    The Points guy gives you tips on the best ways to use points for travel

    This website basically teaches you how to accumulate and use points to fund your travels. They let you know what credit cards are offering the best rewards programs or the best hotel loyalty programs to sign up for.

    An example is Barclays, who just introduced a credit card that is perfect for the savvy traveler. It gives users 40,000 bonus miles if they spend $3000 within the first 3 months of signing up for the card. We got that piece of information thanks to

    3. The Google ITA matrix software

    The matrix its software is a tool for the savvy traveler that is an aggregate of all the flight prices online
    The matrix its software is an aggregate of all the flight prices online

    The ITA google matrix is an amazing tool for the savvy traveler, using aggregate technology, this website finds the lowest airline fares by scouring all the indexed flight websites on google’s search engine.

    It works best if you know what month you want to travel but are flexible with your dates. All you have to do next is enter what month you want to travel and it will show you what airlines offer the lowest fares for your desired month of travel.

    Did we mention that you can also customize your search to route through whatever airport you might like or the number of stops that suit you during your trip.


    Johnny Jet is a blog that gives useful tips on savvy travel
    Johnny Jet is a blog that gives savvy travelers useful tips

    This is a blog (yes another blog!!!) that has been around for quite some time and the author uses his years of experience in the travel industry to give you tips on how to get the best fares and deals so you can save some money on flights and accommodation.

    5. gives you the best deals using human search gives you the best deals using human search

    Airfarewatchdog lists low fares that are found and verified by real people. Their dealhounds check fares on all airlines, from the major carriers to the little guys. They even list promo codes and airline site-only fares you can’t find on other sites.

    This website must be in every savvy travelers tool box. All you have to do is provide your name and email address, what airports you are flying out of and they will do the searching for you until they get a fare low enough for you to purchase.

    6. is an innovative way a savvy traveler can save money on accommodation is an innovative way to save money on accommodation

    Travel, as we mentioned earlier, can be expensive and one aspect of the whole experience that can really eat into your travel funds is paying for accommodation.

    Casey Fenton, one of the founders of couchsurf knew this when he set up this accommodation exchange and social networking website. All you have to do is go through the verification process or pay a yearly fee of $25 and start staying with locals when you travel.

    Not only do you get the advantage of cheap travel, you also get to be shown around town by your host.


    Airbnb is tool for a savvy traveler that can let you rent everything from a room to a castle abroad
    With Airbnb you can rent everything from a room to a castle abroad

    If you don’t have the funds to pay for a hotel, a good option would be to just rent a room, an apartment, or a whole house in your chosen destination.

    The rates are usually significantly less than what you would pay for a hotel. This resource is not without controversy, some hotel unions in cities like New York are so upset with Airbnb, that they are trying to get a ban on individuals renting out their apartments to travelers.


    A great guide on how to use credit cards wisely when traveling
    A great resource for finding the best credit cards suited for travel

    Nerd wallet is another website that alerts you on how to rack up points for your next travels. They give advice on what credit cards are best for savvy travelers to sign up for or what hotel reward programs you need to be a part of.


    Home exchange is great for travelers who want exchange homes for free accommodation abroad.
    Home exchange is great for travelers who want exchange homes for free accommodation abroad.

    Home exchange is a social networking website that allows you to swap your apartment or home with a local in another country.

    That way you get free accommodation in your destination of choice while providing another traveler with the same benefit.

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