Picture of a wall mural taken while traveling through OKC
One of many murals we saw while traveling though Oklahoma city

When the privilege international travel is bestowed upon an individual, it is easy for one to forget how awesome and interesting their own country of origin is.

The exotic and foreign is so intriguing that falling out of wanderlust locally is easy. No one at “The Partytrail” had ever been fortunate enough to be treated to some true Oklahoma hospitality until this weekend when we visited the state and it was an amazing experience to say the least.

The great food, extremely nice people, and diverse geography left us wondering why we hadn’t visited the state earlier.

While in Oklahoma, we visited Oklahoma city or oh-kay-cee as the locals call it and later Tulsa for a shorter length of time. Both cities reminded The Partytrail of two things.

Firstly, If America is not the most intriguing country of our time, it is definitely up there. Secondly, Oklahoma knows hospitality like no where else we had been previously.

Before we hit the pubs and clubs, a little about Oklahoma………

Population: 3.85 Million People (28th Most populous in the U.S.A….2014 census)
Motto: “Labor conquers all things”
Capital: Oklahoma City
Transportation: Automobile (Primary), Trains, Metro, and Buses
Accommodation, Food, and, Beverage: Relatively Expensive
Seasons: Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer
Largest University: University of Oklahoma (Also known as the Sooners)

Cities in Oklahoma we visited…

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  • In the next post, we will explore Oklahoma city, it’s people, nightlife, and Food. Please stick around for The treasures in our backyard II. Till the next time.

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