Traveling Curacao was quite the delight for the Partytrail as Curacao offers everything that will delight any traveler seeking some sun, relaxation and good vibes.

Curacao, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a lesser Antilles country located in the southern region of the Caribbean sea and is just 65km just north of Venezuela.

Curacao played a major role in the transatlantic slave trade and thus is culturally influenced by the Dutch and African slaves who came to work the plantations on the island at the time.

The official language of the island is Dutch and Papiemento, which is a Portuguese based language native to the Caribbean. The language is also spoken in Aruba and Bonnaire.

Fear not however, English and Spanish are also widely spoken on the island. In fact, I could easily argue that Curacao has the most number of Polyglots I have ever encountered.

Now that we have covered some of the basics about Curacao, lets get into everything you need to know about traveling Curacao.

How To Get To Curacao

Curacao international airport (IATA: CUR) is the major international airport in Curacao and is the airport most people flying into the island will most likely land.

There are taxis waiting outside the airport but my advice is that you rent a car as the taxis were especially pricey. A cab ride to our hotel cost about 35 USD.

Considering some of the beaches you will want to visit will be far away from your hotel, renting a car from one of the car rental centers at the airport will make your trip to Curacao a lot less stressful.

Some of the rental establishments on the island include: Budget car rental, Hertz and Economy car rental

Where To Stay In Curacao

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Where you stay when traveling Curaçao should largely depend on what activities you want to partake in while on the island nation. We will assume you want to enjoy some sun and use most of the amazing beaches on the island.

In that case maybe staying close to one of the many beautiful beaches on the island would be a great idea.

There are several guest houses, hotels and hostels on the island where a visitor can stay so do some research based on what your activities will be and make your lodging accommodations accordingly.

Transportation On The Island Of Curacao

There were taxis and buses on the island. We patronized the taxis a couple of times but they ended being a bit too pricey so we ended up renting a kia which turned out to be a great idea.

Curacao is big enough that one would require a vehicle to get around. So renting a car is a good idea. Remember not to drink and drive as you can get into serious trouble with the local authorities if you do.

Things To Do While Traveling Curacao

People lounging on the beach while traveling Curacao
People Lounging On Jan Thiel Beach In Curacao.

Curacao has a plethora of activities that anyone visiting the island can get involved in. These include anything from water sports to relaxing under a cabana at the beach.

A really good piece of advice is that you should indulge one of the island tours in Curacao.

One such Island tour is Bounty Adventures, At the time of this writing it costs about 45 USD for adults and 35 USD for children to partake in the tour.

The tour will take you from the eastern cost of the island to the western coast and includes everything from a visit to three of the island’s beaches, a visit to Hato caves and an Ostrich Farm.

Other things to do in Curacao include partaking in water sports like Jet Skiing, Jet packing, paddle boarding and more.

The Best Beaches In Curacao

Mambo beach in Curacao is one of more popular beaches on the Island

Curacao has a lot going for it, the hospitable people, its unique topography, and amazing cuisine but in our opinion, nothing topped Curacao’s pristine beaches.

There are so many of them to choose from but we have narrowed it down to the best beaches the island country has to offer.

Mambo Beach

We found Mambo beach to be one of the busier beaches we visited while traveling Curacao. This beach has several shops, nightclubs and bars on the main strip. At the far end of the beach you will also find Curacao’s Seaquarium.

Cruise ships also use the main port in Curacao as the docking port. So don’t surprised if you find a whole bunch of patrons from the cruise ships on this beach taking a break before heading off to their next destination.

Santa Barbara Beach Resort

The Santa Barbara Beach Resort in Curacao
Santa Barbara beach resort in Curacao.

This beach is a private one and costs about 35 USD per person to gain entrance to the beach.

Santa Barbara beach with its white beaches and crystal clear waters was totally worth the cost of getting in. There is also a very nice restaurant at the resort where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner before heading out to lounge on the beach.

Jan Thiel Beach

A snapshot of Jan Thiel Beach in Curacao
A snapshot of Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel Beach is a family friendly beach with direct access to the Caribbean sea. Expect to find a stairway that leads directly into the ocean,

Playa Piskado

Playa Piskado is a Beach in Curacao
Playa Piskado is a fisherman’s beach on the northern-most tip of the island of Curacao.

Playa Piskado in Curacao is located in the northern-most tip of the island and is one of the best beaches for snorkeling or cliff diving.

There is also a restaurant on top of another cliff with a great view for you to enjoy while munching on some food and sipping on some cocktails.

Other Must Visit Beaches In Curacao

Other beaches anyone traveling to Curacao must visit include: Avila’s beach, Blue bay beach, Boka St. Michel, Caracasbaii. For more information of the best beaches to visit in Curacao please use the reference we have provided.

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