A day at the Pacific Palisades with Vevue Cliquot. #losangeles

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Polo has always been a game that fascinated me, often associated with the wealthy, the sport has always been a way for anyone of means to indulge their competitive spirit, display their horse riding skills and enjoy a day in the sun socializing with like-minded equinophiles.

When I found out the French Champagne company Veuve Clicquot had their very own classic hosted at the Will Rogers state park at the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, The Partytrail decided to purchase a ticket and head their way.

The Veuve Cliquot classic is actually hosted in a couple of locations around the world so if you are not based on the west coast have no fear as there is probably one hosted in a city close to you.

The event in Los Angeles takes place annually in October and the event I attended was the tenth showing Veuve Cliquot was putting on.

The Polo Classic is organized by Nacho Figueras, an Argentine polo player who is currently ranked as one of the top 100 polo players in the world. His spouse is Delfina Blaquier who is an avid player herself.

What Happens at The Event?

The VC Classic in Los Angeles is a four-tiered event, and people are seated according to their ticket costs. The event has a celebrity garden, the Rosé Garden, The Fast track lane and general admission.

The Celebrity Garden

You guessed it! This is where all the celebrities that attend the event get to mingle and enjoy the polo match while sipping on the now ubiquitous champagne brand Veuve Clicquot. Some of the celebs in attendance at the 2017 event included Jamie Foxx, Wilmer Valderrama, and James Marsden.

The Rosé Garden

The Rosé Garden is the top-most tier for regular attendees and costs about 400 USD, for the aforementioned amount, you get a bottle of Rosé Champagne and a food basket. You also get access to the gorgeously decorated Rosé Garden from which you can pick any of the opulently decorated beds or chairs to sit on while enjoying the game.

The Fast Track Lane

At a cost of 175 USD, you get to skip the general admission queue which can be rather tedious due to how packed the event gets.

Attendees who use the fast track lane end up watching the games with the general admission attendees but get to access the state park faster and probably get to set up their picnic blankets closer to where the match will be played.

There are tons of games and socializing over champagne when you choose the fast track option. However, you will have to purchase your own bottle or glass of champagne at the bar and food at one of the food trucks that have been made available at the event.

The General Admission Ticket

This is the last tier of tickets available for the event. It costs about $40 and is a good option if you don’t mind waiting in queues. As stated in the fast track option, you will have to buy your own alcohol and food if you choose this option.

What Should One bring To The Event

As per the instructions of the event, attendees are allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverage. I found this to be very useful as the food served did not satisfy my appetite. A picnic blanket and an umbrella should also help.

Oh and don’t forget an umbrella and sunscreen. If you forget an umbrella, there were some Veuve Clicquot umbrellas and picnic blankets for sale at the event.

Dressing Up

Polo matches are usually associated with class and sophistication so dressing to impress is usually a good idea. Men were encouraged to wear suits while women sported big hats and afternoon dresses. However, it is recommended to that ladies not wear heels if they plan on taking part in the Divot Stomp.

The Game

Once the national anthem was sung, both teams went at it. A polo game is divided into 6 Chukkers, each chukker takes about 7 minutes and 30 seconds to complete. At the end of the first three chuckers, Nachos Figueras was ahead in points and attendees at the event were invited onto the field to take part in the Divot stomp which is a tradition in Polo where spectators are invited to socialize and replace the divots that are torn up by the horses’ hooves during play. It was a great way for attendees to socialize and meet people during the event.

At the end of the remaining three chukkers, Nachos’ team had won and he hoisted up his team’s trophy and celebrated his win. Some people stayed behind to continue drinking and socializing while others hopped on the buses that ferried them from the Pacific Palisades high school to the state park and went home.

In Conclusion

Polo is a game that originated in ancient Persia and was modernized by British officers. The Veuve Clicquot event, however, adds all the pomp and glamor associated with their brand to bring about an event that everyone can enjoy. I can’t wait to attend the event again in 2018. Till then keep partytrailing.

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