Pic of W 6th Street Austin TX taken while traveling through Texas
A snapshot of W 6th Street, Austn, TX at Night

W 6th Street Austin TX

In the previous post, we detailed partytraiing East 6th st during our travels to Austin,Texas. It was good fun, but we are now moving westward onto the more posh and glamorous part of 6th Street.

To get to W 6th Street Austin TX you simply head west across Brazos street, then walk or drive across Congress avenue. You probably wouldn’t have walked too far from Congress avenue before you start to notice how different the two are.

We would suggest you use some of the bicycle chariots you will see riding around downtown. Not only are they cheap, it will also help the drivers, and add to the local economy in a positive way.

Pic of travel Chariots taken while traveling through W 6th street Austin TX
Bicycle chariots are a fun way to get around Austin, TX.

With that said, W 6th street Austin TX, is where the grownups in Austin go to party. There is an air of style and class that permeates this end of 6th street and it is somewhat refreshing. Without further ado, we have compiled a list of “must visit” bars and clubs on West 6th Street.

Lux Nightclub

620 W. 6th Street.
Austin, TX.

Pic of W 6th street Austin TX taken while traveling through Austin, Texas
Lux Nightclub on West 6th Street, Austin, TX.

Lux is simply one of it’s kind in terms of partying in style while downtown Austin. The hiring director at Lux also did a great job hiring waitresses that could easily pass for models.

In other words, if you want to see Austin nightlife at it’s finest this is probably where you want to go. The clientele at this establishment are also quite impressive.

Usually comprised of fit, good looking 20 and 30-something year old professionals and a lesser number of students than you would find at the bars on E 6th.

While bottle service is not a pre-requisite to having a good time at Lux, it might not be a bad idea to get a table. (Don’t judge us, it’s just the kind of club it is).

One staple that we often found common during the several times we party-trailed lux was the fact that it seemed to be a common destination for bachelorette parties.

Kung Fu

510 Rio Grande St,
Austin, TX.

pic of Kung Fu Nightclub taken while traveling through Austin, Texas
Kung Fu Nightclub. Another staple on West 6th Street Austin TX

Kung Fu also has the same demographics in terms of clientele as Lux. However, they have decided to take a slightly different approach to things.

Kung Fu can be described as a classy pub. With the “drinks bar” placed squarely in the center of the establishment, you are basically guaranteed access to great cocktails throughout the night.

Our advice would be that you should maybe start off at Kung Fu then head to Lux to close the night out.

  • Star Bar
  • 600 W 6th Street,
    Austin TX 78701

    pic of star bar taken while traveling through W 6th Street Austin TX
    Austinites having a fun night out at Star Bar

    Star Bar is more of a bar/restaurant that is great for pre-gaming, they have a good selection of burgers and beers and because weather is usually warm in Austin, a patron of Star bar has the option of dining on the inside or taking drinks on the outdoor patio.

    That way you can get the added entertainment of watching people parade up and down West 6th street.

    Key Bar

    617 W 6th Street,
    Austin, TX.

    Key Bar is another interesting establishment, with a full bar, tv screens from which one can watch sporting events and a patio where you can people watch.

    Heading here for a night out can’t end poorly, true to Austin’s reputation, you can also watch live music playing here every Wednesday.

    They are open seven days a week but have happy hour going on during select times and dates of the week.

    Brew Exchange

    706 W 6th Street,
    Austin, TX.

    You guessed it! The Brew exchange is great for grabbing beers but they also have a large selection of cocktails you can pick from.

    Partytrail prefers to classify this as another pre-game spot. Down a few beers here before heading out to another bar or club.

    Visit a late night Food Truck park

    pic. of food truck park taken while traveling through W 6th Street Austin tx

    There are several food truck parks in Austin.

    Austin is really supportive of local entrepreneurship and you will quickly notice the dizzying amount of food trucks that are strategically positioned to squash your hunger after a night out killing it on the dance floor.

    From American delicacies to Asian or latin cuisine there are no limits to the depth of diverse menus you will find while walking through W 6th Street Austin TX

    Now that we have given you the details on where to go for a fun time while on W 6th Street Austin TX it is time for you to get away from your screen and hit town or better still while you are at your screen why not book a plane ticket to Austin for your next holiday.

    Wait there is more!!! In our next post: Austin –Jewel of the South (IV), we take you on Rainey street, which has some of the most unique bars, clubs and restaurants we have seen in any city that we have partytrailed or traveled to……..Stay tuned to the press.

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