Top Things To Do In Washington DC
A View Of The National Mall In Washington DC In The Summer.

I am usually left flabbergasted when people tell me all they can think of Washington DC is a city filled with statues and white buildings. Considering the fact that I used to be a former resident of the city, I feel like a huge population of the country that associates DC with just politics and statues have no idea what they are missing out on.

Most people I have conversations with about visiting the city with usually say they only ever visited Washington DC when they went for a field trip in middle school.

To all the middle school field trippers and the people who have never really got to experience DC for what it is but have decided to cast it as a city with just statues and white buildings, I have some news for you.

Buy a plane ticket and head to Washington for your next vacation because I know of very few cities in the United States that have as much culture, fine dining, amazing nightlife and intellectual capital all packed into 68.34 square miles of it.

Washington DC is divided into the four quadrants mirrored off their geographical coordinates (i.e: NW, NE, SW, SE). While there are noteworthy things to see and do in all four quadrants, most of the activities that center on tourism are found predominantly in the North Western quadrant of the city.

So that we don’t lose your attention, we have decided to compile a list of noteworthy things to do while you are in Washington DC.

1. Take A Tour Of The City’s Museums, Monuments and Statues

The African American Museum
The Newly Opened Museum Of African American History In Washington DC

We know it might sound cliche but Washington DC has some of the most amazing works of arts, architecture, and monuments all paying tribute to some of the most accomplished citizens this fine country of ours have ever produced.

From the newly opened Smithsonian museum dedicated to African American history to the omnipresent monument dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, a man renowned for bringing unity to our country during it’s darkest moments.

2. Indulge In Some Of The City’s Fine Dining

Washington DC has several restaurants that cater to the cities diverse residents.

Washington DC is fast becoming one of America’s culinary bastions. With the city’s diverse population comes a diverse palette and a plethora of restaurants waiting to quell your appetite. No matter what kind of food you crave, Washington DC has something for you.

3. Take A Tour Of The City’s Prestigious Colleges

Georgetown University Is One Of Washington DC’s Most Prestigious Colleges.

Washington DC moonshines as a college town and this is what I personally think makes the city so dynamic. There are about 19 colleges in the city from the world-renowned Georgetown University to the history black Howard university.

Each school has its own unique flair and dynamic that combines to make DC one of the most youthful and vibrant cities in the nation.

4. Visit The White House

The White House In Washington DC
The White House In Washington DC Is Home To The Highest Office In The Land.

What good would it do you if you visited Washington DC but you failed to visit the home of the Chief executive of the nation’s highest office and the commander in chief of the armed forces?

There are guided tours that give visitors a walk-through of the white house. You just have to make sure you plan your visit properly because from what I hear the tours can be booked for up to three months in advance.

5. Spend some time at the city’s waterfront

The WaterFront In Washington DC
The WaterFront In Washington DC

Washington DC was built to be a city in a swamp as a means of keeping the tyranny of government out of the lives of the country’s citizenry. While tyranny is never a good thing, DC’s unique location also gave the city access to a waterfront where you have tons of restaurants, summer partying on boats and the like.

So, if you are up for a good time and you are in DC for the summer make sure you stop at the waterfront for some summertime fun.

6. Get Cultured At The John F Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts

The Kennedy Center For Performing Arts
The Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts Has Acts Ranging From Jazz To Classical Music And Hip Hop

The John F Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts has been home to some of the most significant entertainment events in our nation’s history.

The center offers events based on everything ranging from film, hip-hop, ballet to Jazz and classical music. Click here for more information about the John F Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts

7. Indulge In Some Of The City’s Nightlife In Adam’s Morgan

Adams Morgan In Washington DC
The Adams Morgan District Is Home To Bars And Restaurants In Washington DC

While DC’s nightlife is more or less scattered around pockets of the city, no other part of the city is as dedicated to bars and nightlife as Adam Morgan. This part of the city is a long stretch of bars and restaurants that cater to students, young professionals, and politicians alike.

The pan-African restaurants here will leave your taste buds ringing due to the spiciness of the food they serve and you get to quench the fire with drinks from one of the several bars they have in this part of town.

8. Go Shopping In Georgetown

Georgetown in Washington DC has tons of boutique shops that are great for shopping.

While we previously mentioned waterfront dining and partying at DC’s waterfront, something else we need to let you know is that there are tons of boutique shops in Georgetown, DC. Also in this part of town are the famous steps that were featured in the 1973 blockbuster, “The Exorcist”.

9. Indulge In Some More Nightlife

The Rooftop Bar At The W Hotel In Washington DC Is A Great Nightlife Spot Especially On Saturdays.

One of DC’s most hidden secrets is the fact that the city nearly rivals New York in terms of nightlife. From the mega nightclubs on F street to the lounges on K Street and the rooftop bar at the W hotel. There is always a dance floor open somewhere in the city on any day of the week for you to dance the night away.

DC has it’s own unique style of music called the “go-go” that originated in the city back in the 70’s and 80’s. Other styles of music you can expect to hear while enjoying the city’s nightlife include; Hip-hop, top 40, house and electronic dance music.

10. Watch A Game By One The City’s Sports Teams

The Washington Redskins are DC’s premier team.

Like any other major American city, sports is a huge past-time in the city and with various sports teams from both the professional and collegiate levels, any sports jockey will be well impressed with the level of excitement these teams bring to the city.

Some of the teams on the professional level include; the Washington Wizards, the Washington Redskins, and the Washington Nationals. While the city is represented on the collegiate level by the Georgetown Hoyas, the American University Eagles, and the George Washington Colonials.

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