Westwood Los Angeles
Westwood Los Angeles. One of the more affluent neighborhoods in L.A.

Westwood Los Angeles

Westwood is another cool spot to hang out in Los Angeles(L.A.). It is home to the University of California Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) which makes it an ideal place to visit if you ever travel to Los Angeles.

There are several things to do in this town located on the west side of Los Angeles. From hitting up O’Hara’s, U.C.L.A’s flagship pub to stopping by Diddy Reese cookies (A staple if you are a local), there is just so much to do in Westwood that just like Downtown Los Angeles it might as well be a city within a city.

Getting There….

As we stated in previous posts, L.A. is not very public transportation friendly, our honest advice would be to rent a car if you decide to travel to L.A.

If however, you are on a budget and you decide to use our public transport. Use the Bus schedules map to find bus and metro routes to Westwood Los Angeles.

Things to do once there….

There are tons of things to do in this part of town and once you get on Westwood blvd in Westwood Los Angeles, you will be immediately confronted with a bevy of shops, bars, restaurants and farmers markets.

We have compiled a list of some must do activities for anyone who visits Westwood Los Angeles to partake in.

Visit The Backyard At The W Hotel

The Backyard At The W Hotel Westwood  Los Angeles
The Backyard At The W Hotel Westwood Los Angeles

The Backyard at the W Hotel in Los Angeles is the perfect place to get some cocktails and some sun if you are in Westwood.

The Backyard has happy hour between 5pm and 7pm Mondays to Fridays. The W Hotel itself has other bars besides the backyard which are also fun to get a drink or two during the weekend.

Grab Some Shisha at Habibi Cafe

Habibi Cafe is a popular hookah lounge in Westwood Los Angeles
Habib is a popular hookah lounge in Westwood Los Angeles

Habibi Cafe is Westwood Los Angeles’ premier hookah lounge and this part of town is usually packed with patrons and students from UCLA during the weekend nights. It is also a great spot to hang out post party as they are open till about 5 a.m. in the morning.

Stop By Diddy Riese

Diddy Riese Cookies Westwood Los Angeles
People Queueing Outside Diddy Riese Cookies Westwood Los Angeles

If you have a sweet tooth and you are in Westwood Los Angeles, it is almost a rite of passage to stop by Diddy Riese. There is always a queue of people waiting at their chance to get their hands on some delicious delights from this store.

The treats here are made from scratch and baked fresh all day, so you are guaranteed a wetting of your appetite if you stopped by here.

Grab Some Mediterranean Food At Gypsy Cafe

Gypsy Cafe Westwod Los Angeles
Gypsy Cafe Westwod Los Angeles

The Gypsy Cafe is literarily opposite Habibi. Gypsy Cafe doubles as a Hookah lounge and a restaurant that serves traditional and Mediterranean dishes.

Happy hour is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with $3 Beers all day. On Mondays through Thursdays $12 Hookah’s are serves as are $5 Cocktails from 3pm – 8PM.

Stop By The Weekly Farmer’s Market

The Weekly Westwood Village Farmers Market
The Weekly Westwood Village Farmers Market

The Westwood Village Farmer’s Market just right by UCLA is a weekly market on Thurday’s from 12 pm till 6 pm that features live concerts, locally grown organic foods, and arts and crafts.

The farmer’s market is put together by local businesses who want to display their wares. The one feature that we love about this place are their free samples.

The farmer’s market is located on 1083 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA and if you can, get there early for free parking.

Grab A Beer Or Two At OHara’s

Ohara Is The Flagship Bar Of UCLA Students
Ohara’s Is The Flagship Bar Of UCLA Students

Ohara’s is to UCLA, what the 901 bar and grill is to the University of Southern California. This pub is basically the flagship bar of students from UCLA.

They have a great beer selection, great music and an all around great vibe. There is no better place in Westwood Los Angeles to get a feel of college scene in Westwood Los Angeles.

Pay Westwood Village A Visit

Westwood Village in Westwood Los Angeles.
Westwood Village in Westwood Los Angeles.

Westwood Village encompasses shopping stalls, a movie theatre, and much more, but what is most unique about this spot is the fact that you can watch live music, buy some food from outdoor food trucks and watch outdoor movies.

A trip to Westwood Los Angeles would not be complete without paying Westwood Village a visit.

We hope you enjoyed our party trail of Westwood Los Angeles, after this, we will continue our discovery of Los Angeles by heading to a more famous part of town….Hollywood. Till then, stay tuned to the post and party on!!!

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