Halloween In Miami

The Partytrail decided to head out to beautiful South Beach, Miami for the sole purpose of celebrating Halloween. Miami seemed like the right choice because of it’s unrivaled nightlife, warm weather and the equally warm people that inhabit the city.

If you are ever lucky enough to celebrate Halloween in Miami you can as well follow the itinerary of how we spent 36 hours in Miami during Halloween.

The Cabana Area At The Fontainebleau South Beach, Miami.
The Main Pool At The Fontainebleau South Beach, Miami.


Pre Halloween Party At The Fontainebleau Miami

We got a room at the famous South Beach hotel called the Fontainebleau in Miami and got settled in our hotel after a speedy check in process at the reception. Once we dropped off all of our luggage, we headed for the pool where we had reserved a cabana.

The Fontainebleau Hotel In Miami
The Fontainebleau Resort Is An All Inclusive Hotel With A Nightclub To Match

The staff at the Fontaineblue were great and kept the alcohol flowing, as an extra bonus they had one of the best DJ’s we had ever heard mixing some amazing tunes right by the pool side.

Halloween On Lincoln Road In Maimi

After hanging out poolside all day, we decided to get some dinner and then go back upstairs to prepare for the festivities of the night. We donned our costumes and hit Lincoln road based on the advice of the concierge at the hotel.

People Celebrating Halloween On Lincoln Road In Miami
Lincoln Road In Miami Was Packed With Revelers

Lincoln road is famous in Miami for where all the Halloween revelers go to show off their costumes.
There was a DJ Booth Set Up On Lincoln Road where residents of the city danced to great music while they paraded the streets showing off every permutation of costume you could possibly imagine.

Once we wrapped up on Lincoln Road which was an event in itself, we headed to one of the best parties on all of South Beach. The Lighthouse Foundation, a charity organization based in Miami puts together a Halloween bash every year of which all the proceeds from the event are disbursed to different charities for altruistic endeavors.

The Lighthouse Foundation was able to get together a “who is who” of South Beach and guests included models from some of Miami’s leading modeling agencies. Some of the agencies that took part in this amazing event include:

  • MP Mega Miami
  • Elite Model Management
  • Next Model Management
  • MC2 Model Management
  • Front Management

As one can see, the roll call of some of the best modeling agencies in Miami made for a very good looking crowd of people at the Halloween Party. Below is a clip of the festivities from the previous year, Halloween of 2014.

It was just the best party ever, we have provided more pictures below for you to get an idea of how well put together a Halloween party it was.

Sunday Funday At Bagatelle In Miami

Inside Bagatelle Miami
SundayFunday At Bagatelle In Miami

After partying into the wee hours of the morning, our legs decided they had enough and could barely hold up the rest of our body. It was time to head home, we got an Uber ride (which apparently is illegal in Miami) and headed back to the Fontainbleu.

The next day, with barely 8 hours left in Miami, we headed to Bagatelle, a trendy restaurant in South Beach Miami for brunch. From our research, Bagatelle has one of the best brunch parties in all of Miami and just in case you can’t make it out to South Beach, they have locations in Los Angeles, St. Barth, St. Tropez, Sao Paolo and Miami.

It is a little on the pricey side, but with a live DJ, great drinks and a very involved clientele, the expense was sure worth it.

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