A Restaurant In Zagreb Croatia
An I Heart Zagreb Sign Outside A Restaurant In Zagreb Croatia


A Little About Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, a country that was part of the now defunct Socialist federation of Yugoslavia. Croatia is bordered to the north by Slovenia and Hungary, to the west by the Adriatic Sea and to the South by Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia became the 28th member of the European Commission on the 1st of July 2013.


How To Get To Zagreb Croatia

Croatian Money "The Kuna" in Zagreb Croatia
The Kuna Is The Currency Of Choice In Croatia. The Euro will be adopted in 2018.

Transportation to Zagreb Croatia is pretty straightforward with most people arriving by plane to Zagreb’s Franjo Tuđman Airport which is the busiest international airport in all of Croatia. Since I was already touring the Balkans my method of transportation was by Bus. Zagreb Croatia from what I gather is also accessible by ferry and train, it really all depends on where you are starting your travels from.


Things To Do In Zagreb Croatia

I have been to quite a few countries in Europe and Zagreb Croatia gives the other EU member states a run for their money in terms of cost of living, nightlife, arts, cuisine and much more. While Zagreb is landlocked and not a coastal city like Dubrovnik, Split or Zadar. I still found it to be just as pleasant, dynamic, and interesting as any of the European capitals I had visited previously. I have compiled a list of things to do in Zagreb that will make your stay in the city as memorable as mine was.


1. Stop By The Cathedral Of Zagreb

The Zagreb Cathedral In Zagreb Croatia
The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zagreb Croatia

The Cathedral Of Zagreb is one of the more interesting landmarks I found in Zagreb Croatia. The Zagreb Cathedral betrays Croatia’s Roman Catholic identity and is the tallest building in Croatia and therefore visible from most parts of the city.

2. Grab Some Delicious Pancakes At Kava Tava

Kava Tava A Breakfast Cafe In Zagreb Croatia.
A stack of delicious pancakes in Kava Tava Zagreb Croatia

Kava Tava is a breakfast joint in the center of Zagreb Croatia, and while Zagreb is littered with cafes and restaurants, the customer service and pure deliciousness of the pancakes will give you the right amount of energy and satisfaction to start off your day in the city the right way.

3. Visit The City’s Museum’s And Galleries.

The Museum Of Illusions In Zagreb Croatia
An Exhibit From The Museum Of Illusions In Zagreb Croatia.

Zagreb Croatia has some of the most interesting museums I have ever been to. I was floored by my trip to the Museum of Illusions, which held some of the most mind boggling exhibits I had ever laid my eyes on. You also want to make sure you visit the museum of broken relationships and the museum of torture amongst others.

4. Take A Tour Of The Ban Jelačić Square

The Main Square in Zagreb Croatia
The Ban Jelacic square in Zagreb Croatia is the city’s main square.

The Ban Jelačić Square is the main square in Zagreb Croatia and is great starting point if you planned to meet up with a tour group or a local to go exploring the city with. There are coffee shops and restaurants that surround the square and also a market that sells artifacts from local artisans. (Make sure you buy some items so you can support the local economy).


5. Take A Stroll Down Tkalciceva Street

A snapshot of Tkalciceva street
Locals strolling down Tkalciceva street.

Tkalciceva is a street in the center of Zagreb Croatia that extends from Ban Jelačić Square to its northern end at the Mala ulica, the street flows between the Gornji Grad in the west and Nova Ves in the east. This street is packed with restaurants and bars and most of the socializing you will do in the city will certainly begin or end in this part of town. Make sure you stop by the Sri Lankan restaurant they have on this strip for good measure.

6. Indulge In Zagreb Croatia’s Nightlife

Nightlife in Zagreb Croatia.
When The Sun Sets In Zagreb. The City Comes Alive.

I have done my share of partying and I must say Zagreb Croatia is up there with almost any other capital city I have been to. There are tons of bars, restaurants and clubs for every season in Zagreb Croatia.

A snapshot of A nightclub in Zagreb Croatia
History Club In Zagreb Croatia

During the winter months most of the clubs move back from around Jarun lake to the city center and there is no shortage of bars and nightclubs one can attend in this part of the city. I found the price of alcohol and even table service to be quite affordable. The music played at most of the venues ranged from top 40 to more generic genres of music.

 Opera Nightclub in Zagreb Croatia
The Stage At Opera Nightclub in Zagreb Croatia

7. Explore The City’s Unique Architecture.

Zagreb Croatia Has A Lot Of Unique And Amazing Architecture.
Zagreb Croatia Has A Lot Of Unique And Amazing Architecture.

Zagreb has a lot of interesting feats of architecture that can only be truly appreciated if one were to visit the city. From the above mentioned Zagreb Cathedral to St. Mark’s church (shown above). One will not be left disappointed with the array of amazing greco-roman architecture that makes up this city.

On A Final Note

I had a great time in Zagreb and would like to thank the lady who rented her amazing loft to me while I was in the city, the locals who gave me insider tips on where to eat, dine and party while in the city. Zagreb Croatia is an amazing capital city and I hope to return to this amazing city someday. Till then, stay special Zagreb..

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